Transfiguration by Maria Isakova Bennett

___Come up to Linsford, he said,
lets make up for lost time,
Let’s sin he meant.

A clock ticked counterpoint
to sleet and thawing snow.
_____________--rose and fell in waves
_______________the Irish sea in the Irish sky.

I still see him squinting at the panes,
He was a looker in profile.

Images riffled through my head
____holly leaves like saucers of light,
____snowdrops along a path,
____daffodil shadows grazing a shed

the house open to a purple sky
__lichen skirting boards, and always
____sun shafting through arched windows
____lighting our damp skin,

____a taste of snow and rust,
the shadow of a shed,
____holly leaves
________jagged waves.

Rain like black ink,
____a bed of lichen
____a Celtic knot,
_____his hands, our lips,

__The sky
__a series of white planes

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