Stewart by Kristi Stokes

She didn't know he was here. Although he was well-hidden by overgrown bushes and weeds, he could still see everything she did through the window in front of the house. He was here today, just as he was yesterday. He was here everyday, in fact.

When he first arrived, Jillian's daughter, Emily, used to play with him and even called him Stewart. He liked the name Stewart, so he kept it. That was years ago though. Emily was much too old to play with him now. She would waltz past him without even the slightest acknowledgement of his presence.

Stewart watched through the large glass. Jillian was coming outside. She opened the door and walked down the sidewalk to the mailbox, right past Stewa

On her way back in the house, she got too close to him. Her foot kicked his, and he fell to the ground. "Oh, Stewart! I'm sorry," she said, up-righting him once more. She flashed a smile at him and walked back inside closing the door behind her.

She knew his name! Stewart's heart soared. He wasn't forgotten. He was loved. For one brief moment, he saw a smile on her face, a smile meant just for him. It was enough to get him through another few months.

But then the dog from next door wandered over to Jillian and Emily's yard. He sniffed at Stewart's round belly and pointed hat. Stewart tried to grimace, to push the dog away, anything. But he could not.

The dog lifted a leg and peed on Stewart, leaving him wet and urine-stained.

Stewart's spirits fell once more. He could do nothing about his discomfort. Lawn gnomes can't move. He would rust here unnoticed, unwanted, and unloved. He was invisible, though he was here every day.


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