The Crafts

Published Jan. 2022
Design: Mari 2022

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An Afternoon Muse 5
Proverbs of Hell 8
Editorial 12

Paper Moon 21
John Steinbeck and the Romance of Tortilla Flat
by Stephen Zelnick 20
Work of Ages Work of Comets by Tom Sheehan 32 Armstrong by Martin Heavisides 41
Bread and Potatoes by Mari Fitzpatrick 56

PART TW0 The Arrow and The Song 59
Bethlehem by Alisa Velaj 59
Pillows of Sound by Alisa Velaj 61
Mozart Appeared on the Stage by Alisa Velaj 63

Micro Section: 64
Smell of Rain by Ray Collins 67
Quisling by Lauran Strait 69
Diet-Tribe by Lauran Strait 70
The Language of Frost by Bill West 73
Wheelchair Waits by Bill West 74
Cut Loose by Digby Beaumont 77
Don Diego Takes the Miracle Cure At Ojo Caliente by Ann Walters 79
Meditations on dear Petrov by Susan Tepper 81
Pink Steel by Noel King 86
The Spite Apple by Harry Stone 93

Still life with skull, candle and book by Paul Cezanne, Date: 1866 10
Winter Moon over the Med (Inhouse Art) 18
Rembrandt Self Portrait, 30
The Jazz Singer by Charles Demuth, 1916, 55
Fisherman with Arrow, Ancient Egypt, Date: c.1422 - c.1411
BC Series: Tomb of Menna 56
Bethlehem by Konstantin Gorbatov, 59
Still Life with Guitar by Juan Gris, Date: 1920 61
The singer Francisco d’Andrade as Don Giovanni in Mozart’s opera by Max SlevogtDate: 1912 62
Street Music by Theo Von Doesburg 64
Summer evening on the porch by Konstantin Korovin 66 Can’t anyone untie us? by Francisco Goya 68

Art: : Dietary Life Rules by Utagawa Kunisada, 70 Garden under Snow by Paul Gauguin 72
Carousel by Vilmos Aba-Novak 74
Costume design for “Legend of the Invisible City
of Kitezh and Maiden Fevronia by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov by Ivan Bilibin 76
The Miracles of San Bernardino
by Pietro Perugino 78
Profile of a girl. Preparatory work for a decorative stain in red and green by Koloman Moser 80
Sky at Sunset by Eugene Boudin 82
The Rainbow, Hormandie by Robert

A Christmas Canzonetta

Published Nov 2021
Design: Mari 2021

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Prologue: Winter Stars by Oonah Joslin 12
Section One: The Garden of the Galleys
Haiku by Maire Morrisey-Cummins
Art: Lola by Andrea Castilla 16-17

By the Lake by John C. Mannone, Art: Winter Light by Maire Morrissey-Cummins 18-19 Hibernal by Jane Fuller, Photography: Bolam Lake, Trees and Light by Oonah V Joslin 20-21 The Gathering by Dennis Moriarty, Photography: Douglas Fir by Oonah V Joslin 22-23 Daughters of the Wind by KB Ballentine , Art: The Wind ABlowing by Mari 24-25
Lunar Drone by Michael Wooff, Photography: Moon over Lake Point, Mari 26-27
The Chase by Judith A. Lawrence , Art: Soft Shoe by Mari 28-29
Reflection by Akeith Walters, Art: Sounding the Alarm by Irene Cunningham 30-31
Close by Anne Donnellan , Art: Winter Blues by Lisa Cihlar 32-33
The Drop Off by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson ,Art: Blue Noon by Maire Morrissey-Cummins 34-35 Melanin by Nick Bowman , Art: Moonlight on the City by Caolan Clarke 36-37
Nesting Hymn for Winter by KB Ballentine, Art: A Winter Wonderland by Marion Clarke 38-39

Section Two: The Door of Privilege
Featured Poet: Tom Sheehan
Haiku by Marion Clarke
Art: Lola by Andrea Castilla 40-41

Poem: Star Roots, Field Work ,Art: The Speed of Things by Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill 42-43
Poem: Where the Last Star Went , Photography: The Twelve Bens, Connemara by Mari 44-45
Poem: Solo Shot, Art: Bang Bang by Dr Suzanne Conboy-Hill46-47
Poem: Night Forgery, Art: The Winter Visitor by Taryn Clarke 48-49
In Conversation: Tom Sheehan and Oonah Joslin 50-51
Poem: Moon Dance, Trees Coming Green, April, Art: Coastal Redwoods, Kilbroney Park, by Marion Clarke 52-54
Poem: Curves Down Photography: Swan Family on Christmas Morning on Lough Bofin by Sean Fitzpat-rick 56-57
Poem: The Mouth of this Dawn,Art: Study of Black by Taryn Clarke 58-59
Poem: Between Two Stars, Photography: Lough Owel, Portnashanagan, Co. Westmeath 60-61
Poem: Dusted on This Old Earth, Art: Sailboats Racing on the Delaware by Thomas Eakins 62-63
Secton Three: The Dance Card
Haiku by Mandy Macdonald
Art: Lola and her friends wrap up warmly for Christmas by Andrea Castilla 64-65
Christmas Ceasefire, 1975 by Marion Clarke, Art: Shadows on Snow by Maire Morrissey-Cummins 66-67 So Loud a Song by Marie Fitzpatrick, Art Woman at a Window by Mari 68-69
White Book by Terry Jude Miller , Art: Peter Rabbit by Maire Morrissey- Cummins 70-71
An Ayrshire Christmas by Jo-Ann Newton , Att: You Better Watch Out by Mari 72-73
The Frugal Feast by Jenni Pascoe Art: A Cold Calling by Irene Cunningham 74-75
Teddy by Tina Cole, Art: Nostalgia by Mari 76-77
Siberian Sunday by Tina Cole, Art: Baby It’s Cold Outside by Marion Clarke 78-79
A Christmas Card by Mandy Macdonald, Art: Adoration of the Shepherds by Ghirlandaio 80-81
Xmas by Irene Cunningham, Art: Title A Small Flame by Irene Cunningham 82-83
After Frost by Bill West, Art: Winter at Castlewellan Forest Park by Marion Clarke 84-85
Gifts by Rp Verlaine, Art: Love Divine by Mari 86-89
Section Four: Windows in Myrtle Hedges
Haiku by Keith Evetts
Art: Lola places the presents carefully under the Christmas Tree by Andrea Castille 90-91
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars also by John C. Mannone, Art: The Millinery Shop by Edgar Degas 92-94
Haiku by John C. Mannone 95
Sandy Hook Christmas by C.D. Sinex, Art: Singing for Christmas Almonds by Andrea Castilla 96-97 Shiver by Keith Evetts, Art: Last Train of the Year by Marion Clarke 98-99
My Uncle’s Shooting Trips by Noel King, Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 100-101 Boxing Day by Irene Cunningham. Art: Impedimenta by Irene Cunningham 102-103
Winter Rising by Judith A. Lawrence,Art: Cat in the Hat by Judith A. Lawrence 104-105
Haiku by Rp Verlaine,Art: Snow-Covered Cottages, a Couple with a Child, and Other Walkers Vincent van Gogh 106-107
A Life to Cheer, Marie Fitzpatrick, Art: Little Dancer by Berthe Morisot 108-109
Arthur Rackham Illustrations:
Then old Fezziwig stood out to dance with Mrs. Fezziwig (from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens) 7 Santa Claus, 8

The Storyman

Published May 2021
Design Mari 2021

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Table of Contents

Shakespeare Sonnet 98, 8
The Art of Whistleblowing by Stephen Zelnick, 1 2
The storm begins like this by John C. Mannone, 27
Chance Encounter by Judith A. Lawrence, 29
First Communion by John C. Mannone, 34
Dinner at the Bigelows by Linda Boroff, 37
We Shall Be Warm Again by Tom Sheehan, 45
Vision, Method and Magic Dust by Marie Fitzpatrick, 47
Steamroller by John C. Mannone, 55
Principles of Discovery by Tom Sheehan, 56
Letting go by Bill West, 61
For a Timely Moment by Tom Sheehan, 65
The Burial Detail by Tom Sheehan, 68

Give All to Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 66
Song of Myself by Walt Whitman, 81

Classic Art
Proun by Proun by Lazar Markovich Lissitzky 1 0
Illustration of a review in, "The Moving Picture World", Date June 1 91 6, Earl Hurd 1 1
Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch 1 1
Floating Forms by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy 26
Leuk 5 by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 26
Paul Hartland Carnival. Composition with two masks by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy 28
Sil I by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 35
The Dinner Horn by Winslow Homer, 36
The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field by Hieronymus Bosch 44
Skeleton by Vincent van Gogh 46
Intime message by Wassily Kandinsky 52
The Law of Series by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy 54
The Face" by Walter Gramatté 56
Man with Heart (Self) by Walter Gramatté 59
Skull and Writing Quill by Pieter Claesz 60
Arthur Rackham's Snow White from "Grimm" 63
Truth Rescued by Time, Witnessed by History by Francisco Goya 64
Love Song by the New Moon by Paul Klee 6
Ghost of a Genius by Paul Klee 68

To Catch a Frog

Published May 2020
Design Mari 2020

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The Force of Statistics--Taken from "Literary Lapses" by Stephen Leacock iv
The Flowers by Robert Louis Stevenson vi
The Lanawn Shee by Francis Ledwidge vii
FUNERAL Symphony 1 -7 by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, vii-xiii

“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't
keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to. f J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings
LYRIC:Turn the Page by Mari 3
Art: Dickens' Dream by Robert William Buss
The Apostle: Cuba’s Immortal José Marte by Stephen Zelnick 5

Art and Nonsense Poems 22,23

Bisection Class by Sam Hartburn 24
ART:Transverse Line, by Wassily Kandinsky 24
Head of the Family by Bill West 26
ART, Father Frost and the step-daughter, by Ivan Bilibin
Whistle like a Clanger by Bill West 28
ART: Caricature of James McNeill Whistler by Aubrey Beardsley

Every Preposterous Thing 30
“Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.'
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it r half-an-hour a day.
Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast ..."
Lewis Carroll

Painted Pictures by Marie Fitzpatrick
… there are only three primary colours but they change depending on their given work space. BUT THEN THERE'S
regular workspace AND there’ s Burton workspace.
ART: Swans on Boderg, Mari Fitzpatrick, Acrylic on Card, 32

Nonsense Poems, 38, 39
ART: The Turtle Pond by Winslow Homer, (1 898) Watercolor on Paper
The Great Panjandrum 44

Ritual, The Secret Marriage by Susan Tepper 41
ART: Portrait of a Lady, unfinished by Gustav Klimt
The Wedding Party by Henri Rousseau 43

Dwindling: the Shrinking Citizen by Stephen Zelnick 46
John Milton never attended a political convention, but Paradise Lost depicts satanic demagogy and citizens dwindled to
mere onlookers, overwhelmed by giant voices. In the great hall of Pandemonium,

Breakdowns 61
There’s an awed aura/after you pass me nude/on the way to our business/of the hour. Tom Sheehan

Editorial by Oonah Joslin 62
ART: The King's Wife by Paul Gauguin 66
The Poor Man at his Gate by James Graham 67
ART: Wood with Beech Trees by Piet Mondrian 68
Summer by James Graham 68
ART: Fee- Fi- Fo-Fum I Smell the Blood of an Englishman by Arthur Rackham 70
Alien by James Graham 71
Transformation, River to Oxbow Lake by Ceinwein E C Haydon 72
ART: at moment she was changed by magic to a wonderful little fairy by John Bauer 72
ART: Playing Marbles in Marian Square, Mari 74
Like Chalk Erased From The Sidewalk by Akeith Waters 75
Spider by Theodor Severin KItlesten 76
It Frays by Caroline Hardaker 77
ART: The Gardner, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo 78
Let me Count 1 3 Ways on How I love you by John C Mannone
ART: The Gardner, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo 78
Let me Count 1 3 Ways on How I love you by John C Mannone 79
ART: Death and Life, Gustav Klimt, Date: 1 908, 82
I Used to Be Immortal by Irena Pasvinter 83
ART:The Butterfly Hunter by Charles Spitzweg 84
Scones and Jam by Dolores Duggan
ART: Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Faithful by Jean Fouquet 86
Being Present by Anne Donnellan 87
ART: Cleopatra, preparatory study for 'Cleopatra Testing Poisons on the Condemned Prisoners
by Alexandre Cabanel 88
Bird Breveament Alisa Velaj 89
ART: Patcher breaks sign (Barin at the house of patcher) by Boris Kustodiev 90
The March of Time by Lesley Timms 91
Peasant Woman Watching the Geese by Camille Pissarro 92
The Geese Fly North by Nick Bowman 93
ART: The Wolves Descending from the Alps by William Hamilton 86
Mother Moon by Ann Thornfield-Long 94
ART: The Goulue and Valentin, The Boneless One by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 95
Murmurration by Matthew Paust 96
ART: Shadows. Moonlit Night. by Isaac Levitan 96
Moon Dance, Trees Coming Green, April, Tom Sheehan 97
ART: Evening - The End of the Day (after Millet) by Vincent van Gogh 1 00
A Balmy Day by James G Piatt 1 01
The Woodland Mass by Thomas Norman 1 02
Welsh Translation: Offeren y Llwyn: Dafydd

Take all my Loves my Love

Published June 2019
Design Mari 2019

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Art, Herman Melville 5
Masters on Form, 8
Love's Philosophy 9
Enchanted Garden at Belsay by Ceinwen Hayden 12

The Scent on the Wind
Classic Artists, Van Gogh Summary 28
A Marker Made of Rain, Barry Charman 30
Psalms, Stephen Zelnick 34
Narratives of New Netherland 1570-1970, Sean Farragher 50
Queen Cardium, Bill West 60
allen Eagles , Bruce Harris 64
Grandfather Johnny Igoe: Spellbinder Remembered, Tom Sheehan 79
Classic Yeats 85
What Fruit She Bears, Judith A Lawrence 89
You Make a Drawing of your Breath 94
Enchanted Lands, Oonah V Joslin 96
Voices from a Near Dimension, Oonah V Joslin 98
Of Trick Shots and Empty Pockets, for Morgan, rp Verlaine 102
The Haunting of Niall of the 9 Hostages, Ann Egan 104
Niall - Hostage of Fantasy, Ann Egan 106
Niall Ponders on the Tenth Hostage, Ann Egan 109
Olfactory Ghost, Miki Byrne 113
Winter Lane, Tom Sheehan 115
I Have Roots, Miki Byrne 117
The Orchard Hour, James G. Piatt 119
The Space Between, Ron. Lavalette 121
The Phantom Trout, Tom Sheehan 122
Abandoned Jumper, Dolores Duggan 125
remembrance, Dolores Duggan 127
Library Reading Room, Jan Wiezorek 129
Where is my Haunting, Jo Ann Newton 130
Driving to the Dementia Convention Anne Donnellan 132
The Dream of the Roscommon Emigrant, John Igoe, 135

2019, Mari
O' Henry at the Lake 29
The Crowning of Skulls 51
Faeries and Monsters 96
The Edge of the World 108
Apple Picking 118
Hay Makers 120
Clif Jumpers, La Chucha 124
Burying the Dead 126 Graveyards, 131
Feeding the Swans 132

Carla Martin Wood
A trinity of roses 9
Mother ,
Dorice LaFaye Gunn, goes to Ireland, at last 94
Through space, through time 98
Into the vortex 100
Reaching for spring 103
moonseafire 104
moonseafire - 2 106
Attar of roses 112
Nostalgia 116

2019, Judith A Lawrence:
The Color of Rain, 3

2019, Marie Fitzpatrick:
Mia Grace 26
Derrycarne Wood, Dromad 76
A Leaf Turning 111
Dromad Harbour, Leitrim, 122

The Sorrow

Published Nov 2018
Design Mari 2018

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A Taube by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson
"Murder! Fascists! Lions! It isn't fair," 24
Wilfred Owen by Bill West 26
No room for the dead by Bill West 33
List of Poets who Died in the War 34
Imagining: Sappho, Homer, and Marlyn Monroe by Stephen Zelnick 39
The Quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies by Emily Dickenson 50

The Harvest of Battle by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson
This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted. C. S. Lewis 54
Smile, Smile, Smile, Wilfred Owen 56
Peace, Rupert Brooke 57
Prayer for Those on the Staff, Julian Grenfell 58
To Germany, Charles Hamilton Sorley 59
RSA Palmer 60
Before Action, William Noel Hodgson 61
I Have a Rendezvous with Death, Alan Seeger 62
Re-Incarnation, Edward Wyndham Tennant 63
The End of the Second Year, Arthur Graeme West 64
Setting out (1913), Ernst Stadler 65
Leaving For The Front, Alfred Lichtenstein 66
To Our Fallen, Robert Ernest Vernede 67
The Dead Kings, Francis Ledwidge 68
War, Hed Wyn 69
The Volunteer, E. Alan Mackintosh 70
In Flanders Fields, John McCrae 71
Returning, We Hear Larks, Isaac Rosenberg 72
If I Should Die, Philip Bainbrigge 73
Sounds of Ellul, Robert Ziege 74
Prayer Before Battle, Alfred Lichtensteinl 75
The Cherry Tree by Edward Thomas 76

Part Three:
“The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life. CS Lewis 78

On “Everyone Sang": Editorial by Oonah V Joslin 80
Women of Passchendaele, Oonah Joslin 86
Men of Passchendaele, Oonah Joslin 87
For Anna and John, Pippa Little 88
Memorial Day, Marcus Bales 89
Holloway, Pippa Little 91
History of the Great War, James Graham 91
Erinnerung, James Graham 92
Truce, James Graham 95
Sanatorium, St Omer after the Armistice, Tina Cole 97
Once Screamed To Drunks At The Vets Bar, Memorial Day Evening TOM SHEEHAN 98 Soundtrack To Your Exorcism, Jennifer Lothrigel 101
Mrs Dalloway, Kathleen Thorpe 102
Fair Game, J S Fuller 104
Red & Purple Poppies in the Field, John C. Mannone 106
In The Silence, John C Mannone 109
Instruments of Peace, John C Mannone 110
It isn't yet winter, Caroline Hardaker 113
A Makeshift Sky, Megan Denese Mealor 114
Two days in January, James Graham 116
Reaper, Lesley Timms 119
ELEGY. Tina Cole 120
Degrees of Silence, Tom Sheehan 122
A World Ago, Barry Charman 124

Classic Art
A Taube by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, (British paramedic and painter) 25
Field With Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh 32
In the queue for bread. First World War by Ivan Vladimirov 37
Illustrations from "Made in the Trenches" 50
The Harvest of Battle Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson 54
Detail: Spring in the Trenches Paul Nash 76
Paths of Glory Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson 78
A Song Without Words John Willian Godward 80
Five Australians, members of a field artillery brigade, passing along a duckboard track over mud...1917 Australia War Memorial 87
Illustration for Nikolay Nekrasov poem "Grandfather Mazay and the Hares" by Boris Kustodiev 88 The Field of Passchendaele by Paul Nash 92
Death Listens by Hugo Simberg/ Date: 1897/Style: Symbolism/Genre: symbolic painting 96 Uneme is exorcising the monstrous serpent from the lake by Utagawa Kuniyoshi 101
Art: Dancer Seen from Behind and 3 Studies of Feet by Edgar Degas 102
Woman and child in front of a farm. Piet Mondrian 103
Red Sun by Arthur Dove 108
Storm Clouds, Arthur Dover 110
Road in a Winter Garden by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky 112
Cloud Study, Knud Baad, Date: 1850 116
The Gardener, Georges Seurat 118
Winter Silence by John Henry Twachtman 123
Saint Francis in Meditation by Caravaggio 124
"A Conversation with God," Linnet Wings' Design, --following Nicholas Roerich 34
ART: PS M.L.F. Ladies of Arles (Memories of the Garden
Ghost Riders in the Sky 107

High Hedges

Published June 2022
Design Mari 2022

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Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: I am ardent, I am dark .... translated by Diana Ferraro 13
Parallel Worlds by John C. Mannone 34
The Last Rose of Summer by Russell Bittner 56
There’s Nothing Left but Cigarettes by Russell Bittner 63
Lament by John C. Mannone 83
Sweetie and Jack by Nonnie Augustine 87
Little Red Riding Hood Beware by John C. Mannone 93

Spanish Translations
The Feather Pillow by Horacio Quiroga (Translated by Diana Ferraro) 20
Una Reunión de Artistas Por Enrique Bedoya.--An Artists Meeting , (Translation In-house) 25-27 Entreviste Desde Quesada Por Alejandra Tuninetti, (Translation In-house 28-29)
Russian Translations
A Letter to My Mother by Sergei Alexsandrovich Yesenin, Translated by Russell Bittner (2011) 58

Passages: Ford Madox Ford and Parade’s End by Stephen Zelnick 36
Short Stories
The Dumpmaster’s Boy by Tom Sheehan 50
Ulysses Literations 72
Micro/Flash Fiction
Parasite by Ruth Abraham 14
Weightless by Monica Casper 16
Oak and Maple by Janice Pisello 18
The Hat by Karen Jones 67
My Fence Friend by Kim Bond 69
Billie on a Sunday by Kay Sexton 70
Facing History Facing the Future by Ginger Hamilton Caudill 74 Fading Away by Maureen Wilkinson 77
Two on the Way by JWM Morgan 80
A Brief Encounter by Lisa Cihlar 84
DA Friday Night Party by G C Smith 88
Granny’s House by Bill West 91
The Aunt and the Grasshopper by Randall Brown 95
Changing Colours by Sue Ann Connaughton 97

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer by his brother, Valeriano Bécquer 12 Muse, Oil on Canvas, Mari, 2022 18
Sleeping child on a pillow by Stanisław Wyspiański 21
Tick-Tick by Briton Riviere 22
The Singer Wassily Kandinsky 24
Lily Cow and the Queen by Robert Henri, Date: 1915 26
Puppet Theatre by Aladar Korosfoi-Kriesch, Date: 1907 28

Art: Parallelogram by Egon Schiele, Date: 1913; Vienna, Austria 35
The Sisters, Watercolour on Card, Mari, 2019 64
Illustration from Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Ida’s Flowers¿ 66
River Run at the Guadalquivir, Mari, 2022 79
Little Girl with Blond Hair in a Red Dress by Egon Schiele 83
The Wolves (Balkan War) by Franz Marc Date: 1913 84
The sleeping beauty wolf by Leon Bakst with a dancer 88
Woman with red hair by Amedeo Modigliani 90
The Drawing Room at Townshend House, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 91 Star the Wormwood by Konstantin Bogaevsky 92
Misia at the Piano by Pierre Bonnard 94
Cameo from “Man and Woman on the Beach" by Thomas Pollock Anshutz 96

Flux Lines by John C. Mannone

Published March 2022
Design and Layout Mari 2022

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Divine Infirmary

Published Sept 2021
Design Mari 2021

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The Night Makes Stars 14

Face to Face with Moses by Stephen Zelnick 20

Drawing the Line by Oonah V Joslin 36

Everyone an Orphan by Erik Svehaug 40
A Giant Step Forward by Harry Stone 53
The Courtship of Alma by Bill Frank Robinson 60 Hey, America by Tom Sheehan 64
The Sky by Marie Fitzpatrick 67
Chornby and Leo the Blind Man by Tom Sheehan 72

Broom Bridge Totem

Published August 2019
Design Mari 2019

Contributors and More
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Frontispiece, Heart Moon by Marie Fitzpatrick
Masters on Form: Moonlight Classics
Paul Laurence Dunbar , Percy Bysshe Shelley , Edward Thomas 8
Dedication 11

Part 1
Land under Wave
Art: La Siesta by Gustave Caillebott 20
Hina, Moon Goddess & TeFatu, by Paul Gauguin, 22
Lost Sugar by Maggie Shearon, 23
Galileo and the Moon Goddesses by Stephen Zelnick 26
Phtotgraph: Title: Delta Orinoco, Wiki Creative Commons, 38
Cambalache by William Hamilton 38
Art: Cloud Study by Esme Kyle 50
The Song Maker by Sara Teasdale, 50
Copy of Letter from Emerson to Whitman 51
The Buried Moon, A Fairy Tale 53
Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking by Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass Extract 61 David Garrick, short bio 62

Part 2
Wood of Wonders
Art: Wood Woman, Watercolour on Card MLF 64
Until Moonlight by Oonah V Joslin 67
Moonwalking by Oonah V Joslin 68
Neil Armstrong by Oonah V Joslin 69
ART: Whirlwind by Filipp Malyavin 70
Worries by Oonah V Joslin 71
Phases by Sam Hartburn 72
Mare in the Moon by Carol L Deering 73
ART: Gardener’s Gloves and Shear by Marsden Hartley 74
How is it going, Mother Earth? by Irena Pasvinter 75
Mother Moon by Lesley Timms 77
Lunar Eclipse by Ann Thornfield-Long 78
Spin me up Grandpa by Bill West 79
ART:Jellyfish by Childe Hassam 80
Moon Jellies by J. S. Fuller 81
How the Moon was made by James Graham 82
ART: Error on Green by Paul Klee 83
Look at me by James Graham 83
ART: Moon Path by Ivan Aivazovsky 84
Somewhere Under a Waxing Moon by John C. Mannone 85
Photography: Supermoon in Partial Eclipse by John C. Mannone 86
First Humans on the Moon by John C. Mannone 86
Gethsemane by John C. Mannone 87

ART: Jealously: The Green Room Series by Edvard Munch 88
What in Hell is Green Cheese Anyway? by Mathew Paust 89
Night Light by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 90 ART: The Lover by Paul Klee 91
Urge by Shikhandin 92
ART: Nuns and schoolgirls standing in church by Gwen John 93
ART: Dreamy by Kandinsky 94
Full Moon by Shikhandin 94
ART: Ridiculous dream by Francisco Goya 95 PS: Man in Moon by Marie Fitzpatrick 96
A Blasphemy in the Dark by Alisa Velaj 97 ART: Woman at Seaside, by Marie Fitzpatrick 98 Desirous by Susan Tepper 99
ART: Pustka - Stare gniazdo by Ferdynand Ruszczyc 100
Dear Moon by LaVern Spencer McCarthy 101 ART: Moonlight by Edvard Munch 102#
Dust by Bill West 103
ART: In Moonlit Shade PS, MLF 104 Moonlight Shade by Marie Fitzpatrick 105
A Half Century Come and Gone Tom Sheehan 106

Managing Editor Marie Fitzpatrick
Senior Editor Bill West
Poetry Editor Oonah Joslin

Heart Moon Rising

Published April 2019
Design Mari 2019

More Soon

The Winter's Tale

Published Dec 2018
Design Mari 2018

Contributors and More

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Life on Form, 6
The Jewel Box Cluster 8
Through the Eyes of the Poets 10
Winter Wizardy 12, 13
Dedication 15

Just In Time 2
Meditations On Dear Petrov by Susan Tepper 26
The Telegram Boy by Bruce Harris 28
From our Archive: The Language of Frost by Bill West 39

A Better Gift, Editorial by Oonah Joslin 42
Lonely as a Clown by Mike Lewis 44
After the First Storm of the Season by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 47
Cinderella by James Graham 48
Time to Shine by Lesley Timms 51
Never Trust a Talking Cat by Oonah Joslin 52
Godless Fruit by Jo-Ann Newton 55
Silver by John C Mannone 57
Hellhole by Megan Denese Mealor 62
Still Life by Akeith Walters 64
Mercies Found in Christmas Lights by Tom Sheehan 39 Snow Dance by Oonah Joslin 71
Like a Lost Pair of Kites by John C Mannone 72
Old Snow by James Graham 74
A Baby's Smile by Lesley Timms 77
Key Bridge January by Beate Siddrigdaughter 79
The Light Of Snow by Dolores Duggan 81
Reflections Of An Old Man by James G Piatt 83 Remnants by Tom Sheehan 84
White Winters by Irena Pasvinter 87
Sozzled Santa by Mike Lewis 89
Under the Loving Tree by John C Mannone 91
Key Bridge January by Beate Siddrigdaughter 79
The Light Of Snow by Dolores Duggan 81
Reflections Of An Old Man by James G Piatt 83 REMNANTS by Tom Sheehan 84
White Winters by Irena Pasvinter 87
Sozzled Santa by Mike Lewis 89
Under the Loving Tree by John C Mannone 91
IN PRAISE OF NO GOD by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 95

ART, PS and Design
Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Blackbird Wearing Britches 4
Elephant in the Room 5
Church Interior in the Franciscan Abbey in Multifarnham in Co. Westmeath 12
Duck on Lough Owel 10
Photo of Stained Glass Window in the Franciscan Abbey in Multifarnham in Co Westmeath 19
Christmas Morning on Lough Bofin 25
One Morning in France, 26
Sunflowers at Night 30
A Rose for Mum 41
Genius 45
Beach Walk in Winter, 46
Knockaree 49
At the Oasis 52

Still Life with Basket of Apples 54
Faery Landscape 56
V A Train 60
Wind at Sunset 63
Still Life 64
The Party's Started 66
Dancer 70
Bed at Sunset 74
Mia Grace 76
Following Roerich, A Saturday
Mountain Climbed 80
The Wind 82
Bed of Flowers 85
Winter Sunset on Lough Boffin 86
Santy at Work, 88
The Cruciform, 90
Snow Robins 92
Crow at Sunset, 94

Marie Fitzpatrick
Bill West
Oonah Joslin
Peter Gilkes

Corkaree, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, ROI
The Linnet's Wings Submission Offices

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