Ruin me Red by Toby Cogswell

Muldaddie by Jane Fuller

The Day is Done by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Public Domain)

Time to Shine by Lesley Timms

Restless Fingers Weaving Dreams by Sherry Allyn Norman

Persephone Is At That Difficult Age by Kirsten Luckins

Blue Walls by Elizabeth Hitchcock

Poetry and Poets

In Edit

The Haunting by Holly Day

Who goes with Fergus? by W B Yeats

Love Said by Marie Fitzpatrick

Aubade to Marit Haahr by Russell Bittner

Harry's Bar by Nonnie Augustine

Lonely as a Clown by Mike Lewis

A Pint of Plain is your Only Man, by Flann O'Brien

Turn the Page by Mari Fitzpatrick (Song Lyric)

Winter’s Last Breath by Oonah V. Joslin

Godless Fruit by Jo-Ann Newton

The Day is Done by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

One Too Many Mornings by Kyle Hemmings {From Sistering} The LInnet's Wings 2008

The Bat by David Trame (Medlar Issue 2008)

The Homoiconian Rest Home by Pepe Nero -- Mud Issue, Winter 2010

Angler by LouAnn Shepard Muhn -- {The Linnet's Wings, Summer 2010}

Turn the Page by Mari Fitzpatrick (Lyric) -- The Linnet's Wings To Catch a Frog Issue

Moraine by Tamara Madison -- Indigo Issue, 2022

The First Lie by Tamara Madison--Indigo Issue 2022

Prey Drive by Tamara Madison -- Indigo Issue

The Musicans by Tamara Madison--Indigo Issue

La Belle by W. F. Lantry--Indigo Issue

Rutter's Requiem by W. F. Lantry--Indigo Issue

Fire Pantoum by Toby Cogswell

8.23 to Marylebone by Jim Hatfield

You Have Grown in Stature by Noreen Kavanagh

Ancestor by Jim Boring

Moon Catalog by evie robillard

Songs of Innocence by William Blake

Promise by Bill West

So We Decided to Keep by Lisa Cihlar

Winging It by Stan Long

In Break Formations by Donal Mahoney

Memory of a Winter's Day by Ann Walters

A Manifesto Arrived by William Dorsky

Personal History by Howie Good

The Orange Room by Conor McManus

Turn the Page by April Salzano

Executive Sweet by Mathew Paust

Dancing All the Steps I Know by Pepe Nero

An Everyday Poem: Gingerbread by Louisa May Alcott

Out of Rock, Now by Russell Bittner

Lockerbie by Russell Bittner

Mexican Escape by Yvette Managan

Taken the Road by Ann Walters

An Everyday Poem: Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen

Ocotillo Wells by W. F. Lantry

Credo by Mike Berger

The Smell of Bubbles by John Mannone

The Dragon by Sandy Hiss

Musings chanced upon in the quiet of Inniscrone by Peter Kiernan

Fungi light/Fungi Language by Darryl Price

The Dice are Not to Blame by Nonnie Augustine

British Guy by Karen Kelsey

Blessings X1V by Anne Whitehouse

Whirl by Nonnie Augustine

Crow by Stan Long

Precious by Kerrie O' Brien

Untitled by Jim Hatfield

The Naked Line by Pepe Nero

Barbary Dove by Sergio Ortiz

The Music Box by Stan Long

Wild Strawberries by Lisa Cihlar

Stewart by Kristi Stokes

Vanishing Point by Oonah Joslin

Wabi Songs by Martin Heavisides

Archive Winter 2009

Yule 2008 Art and Photography

In Memoriam by Wendall Tomlin Jr.

July 2 by Neil Dyer

I used to Think by G David Schwartz

Boys on the Playground by Cyndi Gacosta

Prognosis Unclear by Anita S Pulier

Illustrations by Pepe Nero

Stargazer by Stephanie Maclin

Take it by Holly Day

Pereseid Fireflies by John C. Mannone

Saved Videos (Classics) (Wandering Star)

Little Prisoners by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Crossing the Pond by Charlie Britten

Magic Mirror by Nathan E. Tavaras

The Bicycle Mechanic by Foster Trecost

Illustrations by Federico Garcia Lorca

The Old Field House by Alejandra Tuninetti

Interview from Quesada by Alejandra Tuninetti

The Spanish American War and The Cuban War for Independence by Diana Ferraro

Bed Making by James Claffey

Beautiful Films: Silent Films by Stephen Zelnick

The Banshees of Inisherin by Mari Fitzpatrick (Film Review)

Early Thought on the Oedipus Complex by Rebecca Coffee

Bill on the Hill by Carly Berb

Green Sheep by Gail E Taylor

Sixteen by Billy O' Callaghan

Medicine by Jim Parks

Slemish, Ballymena and Beyond by Oonah Joslin

Shadow People by Emily Glossner Johnson

Branded by Shola Olowu Asante

Equus & Anima by Peter Taylor

Our Grandson Seeks the Snow and His Mother in Milwakuee by Tobi Cogswell

Lough Reflections by Marion Clarke

Sweet Cotton by Sarah Joy Freese

The Red Couch by Neil Coughlan

Flash Fiction (To Catch A Frog, 2020)

Bisection Class by Sam Hartburn

Spring, a Girl by Jenifer Sky

Micro (The Common Medlar, 2008)

Daffodils in a Blue Vase by Beverly Joy Taylor


Crafts -- Armstrong by Martin Heavisides

Micro Fiction

High Hedges -- Billy on a Sunday by kay Sexton


High Hedges -- Passages: Ford Madox Ford and Parade’s End by Stephen Zelinck

Micro Fiction

Indigo Issue -- Under the Morphane Tree by John S Fields


To Catch a Frog Issue -- Dwindling: The Shrinking Citizen by Stephen Zelnick

Short Story

Indigo Issue -- The Wedding Dress by Joseph Cordaro

Indigo Issue -- First Communion by James Claffey

Indigo Issue -- Dreaming of Elsbeth by Alexander Lang

Short Story

Indigo Issue -- Ashwini Alli by Peter Vilbig


Indigo Issue -- Thomas Hardy, Poet by Stephen Zelnick

Flash Fiction

Indigo Issue -- Flashlight Jewels by Robert Scotellaro

Halloween Micro Fiction

Moonlighting by Craig Capron

Flash Fiction

Indigo Issue -- Pottery by Susan Tepper

Halloween Micro Fiction

My Dead Love Came In by Bill West

Halloween Micro Fiction

Night Maneuvers by Ramon Collins

Halloween Micro Fiction

Necromancy by Karen Jones

Plucked and Scrambled by Paula Ray

Rest Stop by Lisa Cihlar

A Virginia Ham by John Ritchie

Repossession by Fehmida Zakeer

Collision by Russell Bittner

A Gentle Heart by Aguila Ismail

Buenas Aires: A Literary City by Diana Ferraro

Amy in the Dark by Carmen Tudor

Nesting Dolls by Carly Berg

Hiding by Susan Tepper

Between Breaths by Donia Carey

A Los Angeles Friend by Pierrino Mascarino

Spanish Gold and Pearls by Elizabeth Crieth

Faith by Bonnie ZoBell

Razorwire by Barry Charman

The Song of All Saints by Michael Campanoli

Changing the Baby by Sandra Arnold

Portmanteau: The Line

Summer Storms by Maie Cavelli (Photo Editor)

Louise Comfort Tiffany by Bill West (Essay)

Shropshire Voices by Bill West

The Malvinas-Falkland's War by Diana Ferraro

The Task by Maureen Wilkenson

In Conversation: Ramon Collins and Randall Brown

Evans by Django Gold

Photophobia by Niall Joseph

Mr. Wyandotte by Phoebe Wilcox

real Hollywood outcalls by Paul Murray

Heavy Sighs by Martin Heavisides

Hearing Dogs by Liz Haigh

Frontierland by Norah Piehl

Six Micros by Sheldon Compton

Beauty and the Beast by Cezaroka Abartis

Good Evening Berlin by Mark Romasko

Wet Bleach and Forget by Patricia Friedrich

The Locket by Neil Coghlan

Crush by Michelle Elvy

Cordoba Station by Tony Press

The Flavour of the Day by Bruce Harris

What he Thinks by David Backer

Fall Baby by Jennifer Sky

Frog Strangler by Lee Landers

still Llife by G. K.Adams

Cold Fish by Eva Eliav

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