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White Door

She had sent through all the village
Messengers with wands of willow,
As a sign of invitation,
As a token of the feasting;
And the wedding guests assembled,
Clad in all their richest raiment,
Robes of fur and belts of wampum,
Splendid with their paint and plumage,
Beautiful with beads and tassels.

Hiawatha's Wedding-Feast

Photographer: Frank J. Hutton
Poetry: Classic Longfellow

Last Hope

"Then a darker, drearier vision
Passed before me, vague and cloud-like;

I beheld our nation scattered,
All forgetful of my counsels,
Weakened, warring with each other:
Saw the remnants of our people
Sweeping westward, wild and woful,
Like the cloud-rack of a tempest,
Like the withered leaves of Autumn!

The White Man's Foot

Photographer: C. Mannheim
Poetry: Classic Longfellow


Frank J. Hutton
C. Mannheim

Poetry Excerpted from "The Song of Hiawatha"
Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Lebannon Hills

This with joy beheld Iagoo
And he said in haste: "Behold it!
See the sacred Star of Evening!
You shall hear a tale of wonder,
Hear the story of Osseo,
Son of the Evening Star, Osseo!

The Son of the Evening Star

Photographer: C. Mannheim
Poetry: Classic Longfellow

Floating Leaf

Wise men speak; their words of wisdom
Perish in the ears that hear them,
Do not reach the generations
That, as yet unborn, are waiting In the great, mysterious darkness
Of the speechless days that shall be!

Picture Writing

Photographer: C. Mannheim
Poetry: Classic Longfellow

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