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Spring 2009

Design @Mari

The Pig's Whiskers: Nero, Managan, Strait and Parks

Quislings by Lauran Strait

The Man in the Wet, Gray Fedora by Jim Parks

Gil by Pepe Nero

The Boy by Yvette Managan (Flys)


Peter Barnes (10 January 1931 -- 1 July 2004)

  • I Am Being Everybody They Cried: Peter Barnes (1931-2005)

  • Porkies: Augustine, Classic Wharton, Walters, Bittner

    In Time

    The Daunt Diana

    Memories of a Winter's Day

    Aubade to Marit Haahr

    Augustine and Collins

    Harry's Bar by Nonnie Augustine

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    Anniversary Concert by Ramon Collins

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    Offering by Maggie Garvey

    It burned her skin as she opened the oven door.

    Kate reached in and scooped the pie into the big glove. A wave of heat filled her face; the sharp sting of pain on her breast felt almost good.

    Kate leaned over the pie, and cradled the dog tags in the big glove. She breathed in the apple comfort for her tom heart.



    Carey, Beaumont and Augustine

    The Enchantment by Donia Carey

    The New Man by Digby Beaumont

    Harry's Bar by Nonnie Augustine

    Editors for The Linnet's Wings Magazine (Spring 2009)

    C. Mannheim,
    Jermey Harding
    The Linnet's Wings House Art

    Mari Fitzpatrick

    Nonnie Augustine
    Ramon Collins
    Yvette Managan (Yvette Wielhouwer Flis)

    Donia Carey

    Maia Cavelli

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