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Art used in the issue

Motril, Granada, Spain

Bell Flower, Oil on Canvas, 2012, Mari

Morris's painting La belle Iseult, also inaccurately called Queen Guinevere, is his only surviving easel painting, now in the Tate Gallery

Victorian era illustrator Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

Traditional English fairytales depicting elves, fairies and pixies are set on a "Merrie England" setting of woodland and cottage gardens.

William Morris Decoration

Page from an illuminated manuscript ofthe Rubaiyat ofOmar Khayyam, watercolor, bodycolor
and gold leaf. Calligraphy and ornamentation by William Morris, illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones.

Date: 1870s

Source : Scanned from Wildman, Stephen: Edward Burne-Jones: Victorian Artist-Dreamer, Metropolitan Museum ofArt, 1998, ISBN 0870998595

Author : William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones

Rosses Point, Sligo

Aine, Sligo, 2008, Photo by Mari

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