Brooks, Garfunkle, Sheehan

Gone Wireless by Marian Brooks

Absence By Gloria Garfunkel

Merry Christmas from Lily Pond in Saugus Town by Tom Sheehan

The Bellwether
by Oscar Windsor Smith

The Boy with the Golden Ring
by Tom Sheehan

Dune Grass
by Rose Ostrum

I Agree With William Blake by Nonnie Augustine

I Agree with William Blake by Nonnie Augustine

Washing Spinach by Emily Green

Christmas is Navidad by Diana Ferraro

"The Woman, The Writer" by Carmen Tudor

The Arguement by Cezarija Abartis

Absense by Gloria Garfunkel

Threshold of Eternity By Bill West

Bliss by Foster Trecost

Limited and Unlimited by Steve Finan

"Meditation on the View from the Bell Tower, DUMC" by Anne Britting Oleson is a beautifully contemplative poem that paints a vivid picture of the landscape as seen from a specific vantage point, possibly a church's bell tower. The poem invites readers into a serene, almost ethereal experience of observing the natural world.

"Uncle Joe" by Stan Long is a poignant reflection on the connections between family, nature, and the sense of freedom and identity that transcends generations. Through the simple yet evocative setting of Joe's dovecote, the poem weaves a narrative of heritage, understanding, and the unspoken bonds that define our relationships.

"At Gardermoen" by John Saunders is a vivid exploration of cultural convergence and the complexities of identity in a globalized world. Through the lens of an airport sushi counter in Norway, the poem navigates the juxtaposition of Scandinavian and Japanese cultures, blending the elements of both in a setting that is at once familiar and foreign.

John Saunders' poem "Descent" paints a vivid scene of reflection and introspection juxtaposed against the backdrop of a flight over the North Sea. The narrator, in a moment of vulnerability, finds themselves "Drunk at thirty five thousand feet" not just in the literal sense of altitude and alcohol consumption but perhaps also metaphorically, as they navigate through the layers of their thoughts and emotions.

The Builders" by John Saunders is a beautifully poignant poem that metaphorically uses the process of building and construction to explore the evolution of a relationship. This piece illustrates the journey from the initial infatuation, marked by tenderness and intimacy, towards a phase where the relationship becomes more stable and secure, albeit at the risk of losing its initial spark and passion.

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