The Photographic Art of Russell Joslin

Two opposing forces face off in the photographic work of Russell Joslin - one seeking to engage emotionally with his audience, and the other, compelled to retreat from it. What better format for such dynamic opposition than the paradoxical use of self-portrait, where identity, though presented, is always partially obscured, distorted or fleeing from the camera's eye. This yes/no interplay runs throughout Joslin's work, giving it the sort of unsettled edge so befitting our Halloween theme.

And so our gallery begins with an image aptly entitled "Split," and concludes with the only unobstructed full face view that Joslin offers us - his head atilt in an image he calls "The Moment Almost Forgotten" (hopeful, perhaps, that this uncharacteristically open display will quickly vanish).

Russell Joslin actively participates in the community of photographic artists as a regularly invited reviewer at photography festivals across the U.S., and as editor and publisher of Shots magazine. In addition to a number of group exhibitions, Joslin has had one-man showings in Louisiana and Seattle. His images most recently appeared in F-Stop: The First Four Years, a just-published album of photographic art, available at Amazon .

In addition to the gallery we offer here, our readers are invited to visit the artist's own internet gallery , as well as Shots magazine. Our thanks to Russell Joslin for use of his copyrighted work.

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