Je' Va Gave Up

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of 'Je' Va Gave Up' by Howard Bernbaum. Perched on a verdant savannah, this story unfolds a profound dialogue between Je’va, a divine-like figure, and Pete, his gatekeeper. Together, they traverse the complex terrain of human history, morality, and the consequences of free will. As they reflect on humanity's inherent flaws and the beauty of the natural world, Bernbaum's tale invites readers to ponder the delicate balance between creation, responsibility, and the possibility of redemption. A compelling exploration of philosophical and existential themes, this story is a testament to the enduring quest for understanding the human condition.

When Marty's Career Was Ferreted Away

"When Marty's Career Was Ferreted Away" is a humorous and poignant story about Marty, a man caught between his passion for music and the practicalities of his engineering career. The narrative unfolds with Marty reflecting on his past musical aspirations and a particularly memorable, if not disastrous, performance involving a mischievous ferret. This incident, both comical and career-defining, leads Marty to question his life choices and the path not taken. The story blends elements of comedy, nostalgia, and introspection, exploring the crossroads of dreams and reality.

How Long the Life

"How Long The Life" by Howard Bernbaum is a profound narrative intertwining cosmic events with human experiences. The story opens with the death of Mrs. Thurgood, witnessed by her twin niece and nephew, who are momentarily distracted by a meteor's streak. This celestial event leads us to Arizona, where it intersects with the lives of two unambitious prospectors, Zeke and Jake. Bernbaum masterfully connects the vastness of the universe and its ancient events to the personal and fleeting moments of human life, offering a perspective on existence that is as expansive as it is deeply personal.

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