Love said by Marie Fitzpatrick

There's a person type who lives in a verse
Though the place is unserviceable
It's where couples rehearse.
The dance of the how, the when and the why
That reverses the motif that falls from the sky.

But a verse pays no heed to those who rehearse.
New verse in the present has means to disperse.

Eve gave to Adam a taste of the spoils.
An apple she took from a tree.
And though Adam was warned about a demise.
He bit in and got stung by a bee.

An emotional wave was displaced.
An Eden made to scare race,
For knowledge is free. It's beauty you see.
And it's made from what lies in place.

(And from all that is and has been
And from all that the mind can dream)

Love taps on a timeline to add time to space.
Who knows in reality what happened to snakes?
The takes and retakes, the talk about takes
has gone on forever in this lifetime of spakes.

But, in earth time a lifetime is only a spake.
Oh someone please take please take back the snakes
That push for return of the old, older spakes
and leave life to play on clefs on a page
where time is immortal and its nature is grace.

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