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Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin

“Once I knew only darkness and stillness…my life was without past or future... but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living. Helen Keller Our perceptions and interactions make us uniquely who we are. The moment we become aware, everything speaks to us “ not only people but animals, objects, music and art. Poetry first spoke to me because I was a slow reader. Poetry was short. I could manage a poem in reading time at school, going over and over it. Rhymes and rhythms helped me overcome my difficulties..."

Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin

Disabled Monsters by John C. Mannone

Reviews: In the world of poetry, there are those who paint intricate pictures with simple words and those who hone their craft, serving a greater purpose with their pen. In Disabled Monsters, John C. Mannone does both, creating bold displays of imagery while depicting how the human race deals with physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral disabilities.

Disabled Monsters by John C. Mannone

One Day Tells its Day to Another

This is a debut poetry collection by Nonnie Augustine, author of poetry and fiction and the poetry editor for The Linnet's Wings. The poems are written in contemporary and traditional forms and many reflect on her experiences as a professional and private person, while other poems comment on the human comedy as most of us seem to live it. There are fifty six poems in seven sections, photographs by Robert Knisel, graphic design by Robert Leslie Smith, and layout by Marie Fitzpatrick of The Linnet's Wings.

One Day Tells its Tale to Another

Review: Flux Lines by John C Mannone

There are two constants in the poetry of John Mannone: love and science… And they are intertwined--his poems flow effortlessly between poles of desire and precious, precise knowledge.

In the world of poetry there is no one who can mine science for metaphor the way Mannone does. Nor move to love so naturally.

--Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer, professor emeritus at Cornell University and co-recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

John C. Mannone’s Flux Lines offers a lyrical melding of worlds: love, science, sensuality, geography, heart, astronomy, and wit. The poet knows his science, and knows how to cut a line in a heartbreaking rhythm. Love is the unifying force here, dynamic movement is a constant. The poet is equally at home in mystery and in certainty, in wonder and in the swing of late fall vines or his lover’s hair. A magical volume, this is one that readers will return to for song and hope, for sustenance.
'Marilyn Kallet, author of How Our Bodies Learned, Black Widow Press and the 2018, 2019 Knoxville Poet Laureate

The Linnet's Wings Poets

A Poetry Book
Epigraph "May peace dwell within your heart and understanding in your mind. May courage steel your will and the love of truth forever guide you." Taken from a book of "Thanksgiving Prayers" Prologue, O O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman x
On “Becoming a Tree by James Graham an editorial by Oonah V Joslin 1
Continental Drift, Bill West 9 Eve, A story of grit and good cheer, Bill Frank Robinson 10 In which I am An Cailleach Bhéara*, Carla Martin-Wood 12 Feedback, Terry Jude Miller, 15 April and my Plastic Sunflowers, Sonnet Mondal 17 Crone’s counsel, or how to see in a spring forest, Carla Martin-Wood 20 Fumus Autumnus, Catherine Power Evans, 52 Death, Dolores Duggan, 53 Three Tanka Poems, Sergio Ortiz, 55 Fountain, Beate Sigriddaughter, 56 On the Seashore, James G. Platt, 57 This is Magic, Westering, Fianna (Fiona Russell Dodwell), 58 Lazarus Jewel Box, Jane Burn, 60 Poe-ish, Jane Burn, 61 Hardings Beach, Margot Brown, 62 Poem, Robert Grossmith, 64 Sandie and Dud, Robert Grossmith, 66 The Opal Miner, Clare McCotter, 68 In Bellaghy Graveyard, Clare McCotter, 70 The Dogged Determination of Cats, Oonah Joslin, 72 Tiny Fingers, Irena Pasvinter, 73 Crescendo, Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick, 78 Spanish New World Poetry Juana de Ibarbourou by Stephen Zelnick 22 Classic Art Lascaux Cave Paintings, 6 Winter in Abramtsevo, Valentin Serov 8 A path intersects a garden by Grant Wood 10 Above us the great grave sky by Arthur Streeton 11 Landscape Study by Theodore Rousseau 15 Head of a Woman in Front of Sunflowers by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 16 Stream in a Forest by Thomas Hill 20 Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter, 52 Among the lillies by Paul Gauguin 53 Hauling a boat ashore by Claud Monet 54 Escape by Sergey Solomko, 56 Cuckoo! He's back, Honore Daumier 59 Sea Idyll, Joaquin Sorolla 63 Four Sketches of a Foot by Vincent van Gogh, 65 Poet's Dream - Odilon Redon Motif taken from Plate 83 House Wren by John James Audubon, 71 Woman and Child against a Stained Glass Background, Odilon Redon, 74 Peter Pan is the Fairies Orchestra by Arthur Rackham, 77

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Spring Poets 2015

The Linnet's Wings Spring Poetry 2015 Contents
Prologue, Hush a By Baby, Your Cradle is Green, Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick x Epilogue The Opechee, Douglas Thornton 82 EDITORIAL Thoughts on Spring by Gerard Manly Hopkins, Oonah V Joslin 1 SPANISH Spanish New World Poetry, Stephen Zelnick 23 El Operador Del Tractor, Juar & Luisa , Bill Frank Robinson 52, 56 CLASSIC The Blind Men and the Elephant, John Godfrey Saxe 61 All That is Gold Does not Glitter, J.R.R. Tolkin 63 CONTRIBUTORS Haviland China, Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 6 January, Sarah Marchant 8 Vipers Bugloss, Joan Colby 9 Lost in Nebraska, richard Luftig 10 Mediation at the Window, Ann Cuthbert 11 Robin Redux, James Graham 13 The Room, Barry Charman 18 Ursa Major, Stan Long 19 Shipping, Des Dillon 20 The Bully, RK Biswas 64 Her Journey: i. m. Kathleen Raine, Martin Burke 67 Last Thoughts Before Drinking From The River Lethe, Constance Brewer 69 Lunch in the Park, Laurie Kolp 70 Candling the Eggs, Wally Swist 71 I Have This Theory That, Jane Burn 74 A Longer Journey, Dah Helmer, "Dah" 75 Der Tisch , Maire Morrissey- Cummins 77 Before the Cemetry Needed Cleaning, Akeith Walters 79 Deep Roots, Ronald E. Shields 80

Spring Poetry 2015

Summer Poets 2015

Editorial, The Cat and the Moon by Oonah Joslin The extraordinary, as usual by Tbomas Norman A Hustler Takes A Night Off by Akeith Walters Broke--20 by Joan Colby Death Takes A Lover by Akeith Walters Manna by David Jordan Purple Kisses by Priya Prithviraj Summer Meditation by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Raymarie by David Jordan The Ring by Jo-Ann Newton Sex on the Western Front by Ronald E. Shields The Book of Lascaux by James Graham The Random Art of Beautiful Days by Ronald E. Shields Making Bread by Breda Spaight Pinocchio And The Talking Cricket by Thomas Norman Bertha by Bob Beagrie Fraud by William A. Greenfield In San Angel by Mandy Macdonald What Rose Wanted by Charles Bane, Jr. Just by Jane Burn Dunoon Ferry by Des Dillon Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Amy N Smith Cassandra's Eyes by Lesley Galeote
Spanish New World Poetry by Stephen Zelnick Alfonsina Storni -- Critique and Translations Bien Pudiera Ser Voy a dormir Pasión S Á B A D O ESTA TARDE Duerme Tranquillo DOLOR Fiesta CANCION DE LA MUJER ASTUTA

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