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Full Length Poetry Books and Chapbooks

Copied onto this page is a small selection of poetry books that "Linnet's Wings Press" has published

Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin

“Once I knew only darkness and stillness…my life was without past or future... but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living. Helen Keller Our perceptions and interactions make us uniquely who we are. The moment we become aware, everything speaks to us “ not only people but animals, objects, music and art. Poetry first spoke to me because I was a slow reader. Poetry was short. I could manage a poem in reading time at school, going over and over it. Rhymes and rhythms helped me overcome my difficulties..."

Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin

Disabled Monsters by John C. Mannone

Reviews: In the world of poetry, there are those who paint intricate pictures with simple words and those who hone their craft, serving a greater purpose with their pen. In Disabled Monsters, John C. Mannone does both, creating bold displays of imagery while depicting how the human race deals with physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral disabilities.

Disabled Monsters by John C. Mannone

Poet Series

A Poetry Chapbook: Epigraph "May peace dwell within your heart and understanding in your mind. May courage steel your will and the love of truth forever guide you." Taken from a book of "Thanksgiving Prayers" Prologue, O O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman x On “Becoming a Tree" by James Graham an editorial by Oonah V Joslin

Our Contributing Poet's Series

Poet Series

Autumn Poetry at The Linnet's Wings (2015) Prologue, The Sleep-Song of Grainne Over Dermuid. When fleeing from Fionn Mac Cumhaill By Eleanor Hull (Translated) x Epigraph, Where The Mind Is Without Fear by Rabindranath Tagore POEMS Of Creation by Oonah V Joslin 2 Vernon Watkins 1906-1967: A Bard of Bards, editorial, Oonah V Joslin 2015, 3 Pillows of Sounds, Mozart Appeared On The Stage, Betlehem, alisa velaj 14,15, Thanksgiving, Auld Lang Syne (a fairytale), Carla Martin-Wood 16, 24 The Album, Nick Bowman 18 The Nine-Yard Sari, Amma's Rotis, Anna G. Raman 20, 21 Pipes, Barry Charman 23 Autobiography, Listening To Maria Callas, James Graham 26, 33 Dull Day at the Beach, Julie Hogg 27 False Detective, Patricia Walsh 28 Hand Travel, Dave Morehouse 32 The Owatonna Library, Breaking Branches , Ronald E. Shields 30, 35 People in Rooms, Gemma Meek 33 Surface Tension, Colin Will 37 Moving On, Eira Needham 38 The Silver Birch At The Botanics (for Tommy and Nessie Mackay) Maggie Mackay 39 How Facebook Helped a Girl to Get What She Wished For, Miki Byrne 40 Thunderstorm, Nora Brennan 42 Before the Queen's Croquet Party by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 43 CLASSIC My Fancy by Lewis Carroll 86 NEW WORLD SPANISH César Vallejo: Poetry in Peru by Stephen Zelnick 45 Translations Alla Lejo, Far Away 48 Los Heraldos Negros, Black Heralds 51 Las personas mayores, The grown-ups 55 El traje que vestia mañana, The suit I wore tomorrow 57 Vusco Volvvver, I want to return 60 Oh las cuatro paredes, The four walls of the cell 63 Nóminadehuesos, Payroll of bones 67 Y no me digan nada, Don’t Say Anything to Me 69 Señores, Good sirs 71 Alturay pelos, Height and Hair 74 Esperanza plañe entre algodones, Hope cries amid cottons 77 80 Translations by Steve Zelnick Bibliography 74 ILLUSTRATIONS Cathy Giles Autumn Berries, 1 Where you lead, 28 Girl Reading, 38

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One Day Tells its Day to Another by Nonnie Augustine

This is a debut poetry collection by Nonnie Augustine, author of poetry and fiction and the poetry editor for The Linnet's Wings. The poems are written in contemporary and traditional forms and many reflect on her experiences as a professional and private person, while other poems comment on the human comedy as most of us seem to live it. There are fifty six poems in seven sections, photographs by Robert Knisel, graphic design by Robert Leslie Smith, and layout by Marie Fitzpatrick of The Linnet's Wings.

One Day Tells its Tale to Another



We publish one or more full length poetry collections every year.

Excellence is the only criterion we insist on, however, there are additional requirements. The collection should contain at least 50 pages (and typically 80-100 pages + front and back material). It should have coherence in the form of theme, narrative arc, etc.

In general, we would like to see at least half of the poems published in literary journals and/or anthologies but we will consider a lower percentage if they appear in exceptional venues. However, we do not want work that has appeared in other full-length collections without the express permission of the publisher of that collection. No permission is necessary if it is from previously published chapbooks. In any case, no more than 5% of the work should come from chapbooks and full-length collections combined.

Our staff editors (and/or their appointees) will form the selection committee.

Since we do not charge a reading fee (yet), we will be very selective before requesting the full manuscript.

Therefore, please send a query letter to, which contains a description of the work, a writing sample of 5 poems from the collection, and your literary bio. All in one Word document (.doc or .docx).

We will evaluate the submission and get back to you within a month (if time allows). Be prepared to submit the entire manuscript containing an introduction, acknowledgment page, table of contents, and the properly sequenced poems for further review.

Successful manuscripts will experience editorial feedback. Our professional staff will be happy to work with the poet directly (un-agented submissions are welcome). This includes cover art (we have a few visual artists on board, but we will also work with your suggested art if is of sufficient quality and resolution). Also, we do not charge for the ISBN and will distribute your book through Amazon and possibly other mechanisms. And though we will market your book through our avenues, we expect the bulk of it be done by the authors. Our authors should be actively engaged with the writing community so that they can promote their work through social media platforms, poetry readings at local bookstores and special events, as well as on Zoom, or equivalent, spaces of gathering.

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Poet Series

The Linnet's Wings Spring Poetry 2015: Contents: Prologue, Hush a By Baby, Your Cradle is Green, Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick x Epilogue The Opechee, Douglas Thornton 82 EDITORIAL Thoughts on Spring by Gerard Manly Hopkins, Oonah V Joslin 1 SPANISH Spanish New World Poetry, Stephen Zelnick 23 El Operador Del Tractor, Juar & Luisa , Bill Frank Robinson 52, 56 CLASSIC The Blind Men and the Elephant, John Godfrey Saxe 61 All That is Gold Does not Glitter, J.R.R. Tolkin 63 CONTRIBUTORS Haviland China, Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 6 January, Sarah Marchant 8 Vipers Bugloss, Joan Colby 9 Lost in Nebraska, richard Luftig 10 Mediation at the Window, Ann Cuthbert 11 Robin Redux, James Graham 13 The Room, Barry Charman 18 Ursa Major, Stan Long 19 Shipping, Des Dillon 20 The Bully, RK Biswas 64 Her Journey: i. m. Kathleen Raine, Martin Burke 67 Last Thoughts Before Drinking From The River Lethe, Constance Brewer 69 Lunch in the Park, Laurie Kolp 70 Candling the Eggs, Wally Swist 71 I Have This Theory That, Jane Burn 74 A Longer Journey, Dah Helmer, "Dah" 75 Der Tisch , Maire Morrissey- Cummins 77 Before the Cemetry Needed Cleaning, Akeith Walters 79 Deep Roots, Ronald E. Shields 80

Contributing Poet's Series

Poet Series

A Poetry Chapbook

CONTRIBUTORS, CLASSIC, Langston Hughes,Thomas Hardy

CONTEMPORARY: Oonah V Joslin,Tom Sheehan,Jenni Bravo,Kate Garrett,Jane Burn,A.J. Huffman,Gregor Steele,Jenni Bravo,Dolores Duggan,R K Biswass,Jane Milburn,Gregor Steele,Irena Pasvinter,Jeff Jeppesen,Bill West,Pippa Little,Jim Hatfield,
Margot Brown,Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, Catherine Power Evans,Jo-Ann Newton

SPANISH SECTION:Stephen Zelnick, Catherine Zickgraf, Randy Z. Chavarria

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