Damsel by Stephanie Maclin

In an alternate story, Juliet gives to
Paris her poison. She'll tell him that
to fool her father, she'll drink of liquid
and drought, but she'll doubt her mother
will shed any tears. She'll wrap herself
in marriage and burial shroud alike, both
after all, are white. She'll wait for her prince
to come, to kiss her as if she was the sleeping
beauty too, and give her again her sword.
She'll fight if she must, knife and flask
in hand, and he must not stop her, no matter
what she says. (It's not whether she loves him,
or not, but to survive, and escape.) Friar Lawrence
has warned her of strained passages, and Benvolio
awaits them, ready to make a home, and if she
fails - if he fails,

she expects Paris to lend her his horse,
and follow her when and where he

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