Winter Editorial by Mari Fitzpatrick

As January drives the light to toil
it builds a body's frame for ghostly sons.
They work at propagating might in soil
our growth is being infected once again.

For frost dug deep and penetrated cells,
now waxen sun spreads quilts in spills of rain.
Conducted change means winter's on the turn
no death is wasted now that spring's begun.

And King de Jure begins his reign
as winds upsweep old shade;
Adams' obliging will confined and thinkers circle hellish sins.
Will February drench the earth in hail?

It's when Persian tulips undress their corm,
affairs of greed; our blight; will be recalled
bewitching men entreating sun, in tunes
that cupid plays to loved-up cheer being formed.

Mari Jan '09

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