Gil by Pepe Nero

"Gilbert Sorrentino was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1929. In 1956, Sorrentino founded the literary magazine Neon with friends from Brooklyn College, including friend Hubert Selby Jr. He edited Neon from 1956 to 1960, and then served as editor for Kulchur from 1961 to 1963."


The Boy by Yvette Managan

"Lilly impatiently buttons her coat while Presley wraps the new baby in a blanket and lays her in the carriage. They watch Mickey as he flies down the stairs. Smokey, his coonhound, trails after him. Lilly opens the front door and Mickey sails past her, sliding on the new ice forming on the sidewalk. He stretches his left leg forward, turns sideways, extends his arm and bends his knees, getting as much speed from the thin covering of ice as possible."

Short Story

Quislings by Lauren Strait

"There, there, poor babies." Elizabeth pats the side of the red Playmate cooler as she stares inside. "Such little ones this time." She fishes out the last of the doves from their bed of dry ice. "What's the world coming to? Broken wings and plucked feathers. Have they no decency?"



The Man in the Wet, Grey Fedora by Jim Parks

"The black man, an individual dressed in some kind of industrial work uniform, something like the one the man with the ducktail haircut and the Woody Woodpecker tattoo had worn, smelled like hot automotive grease and dust, the sweaty residue of a working day. His complexion was so black it was almost a gleaming blue in certain reflections and there was a large, slick, shiny scar, the kind knife and razor fighting leave, across the side of his face. It showed under the bill of a working man's cap with an advertisement on its crown."

Short Story

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