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Autumn 2008

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Poetry: Eccles, Murray, Long

flask against the stone
by LenardWEccles

Won't You Please Stand Up?
by Paul W. Murray

All our Years
by Stan Long

Grace Murray, JIm Murdock, Paul Murray, Mark Dalligan, Mila Chutz Gernon

Flotation Tank

Reading into Things

There Used To Be A River Here

The Station

Waters Rising

Fiction: Cadwallader, West and Art Gallery


He loaded her clothes into the washer, those he could find. They were scattered everywhere, in the bottom of closets, balled up under the bed, tossed on the basement floor and yellowed with cat piss. He'd wash and fold them , put them in boxes

Treasures at my Feet

The door bell chimed. I opened the door. Flat-iron air swirled in. A boy with blond hair, his chin flecked with stubble. He held out a green coconut pierced with a plastic straw. I took the straw in my mouth and sucked up sweet coconut water. It felt good

Writes: Bittner, ZoBell, Creith

Russell Bittner's "Aubade to Marit Haahr" is a deeply evocative and complex poem that engages with themes of love, desire, nature, and cosmic imagery to explore the nuances of human emotion and connection.

ZoBell carefully balances the external observations of family interactions with the internal reflections of her characters, creating a multi-layered story that resonates with themes of acceptance, the search for belonging, and the enduring bonds of family regardless of differences.

This story not only entertains but also invites reflection on the ways in which folklore and mythology inform our understanding of the world and ourselves. It is a reminder of the magic that exists at the edges of reality, waiting to be discovered by those who are open to the wonders of the world.

Strait, Carey, Beaumont, Heavisides, Mascarino

Quislings by Lauran Strait

Between Breaths by Donia Carey

The New Man by Digby Beaumont

I Am Being Everybody They Cried: Peter Barnes by Martin Heavisides

A Los Angeles Friend by Pierrino Mascarino

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Autumn 2008

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