The Melody and the Song

Beneath the amber sun's embrace,
The waves sing songs of olden days.
A ship sails forth with might and grace,
Guided by twilight's golden rays.

The heavens paint with fiery hues,
A melody that just combusts.
In whispered tales the ocean knew,
Of dreams, of love, of wanderlust.

As sails dance to the wind's soft tune,
And stars begin to light the night,
To bathe the world in a glowing moon,
To embrace the approaching night.

"Come gather 'round," a sailor calls,
Let’s share tales as this day ends,
With family and love-binds that enthral
As a night lullaby now descends.

Together they find harmony,
In the vast sea's endless throng,
For in the heart of family,
Is where the melody finds its song.

Mari 07/02/2024
Art: The Linnet's Wings House Art
Following RLS' 'Treasure Island'

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