Hearing Dogs by Liz Haigh

On the front page of my local paper there's an advertisement for hearing dogs. There is even a photograph of a cute little black and white puppy with big ears, one pointed upward, one lopped sided. I guess dogs with big ears are especially good at hearing.

The advert says they are great for telling old people when there is someone at the door, or if the phone is ringing. I am thinking of buying my husband one for his birthday. He is not particularly old but he is not good at hearing things.

He is deaf to all my requests to place his dirty shirts in the wash basket and not just on the floor, where they drop when he takes them o f. He is indifferent to my requests to not constantly leave his running shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor. If only he could use some of the energy he uses for his running to help tidy the house once in a while.

When it's my birthday, I expect I will be getting perfume again, because he is oblivious to any request for what I really want. And he is completely deaf to my hints and suggestions as to how he might better please me in the bedroom.

I think a hearing dog is definitely a good idea for a present. The article says they are very well-trained. Hopefully, she will be trained to give my husband a good bite on his backside.


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