Marlow speaks again by Peter Kiernan

And what if I told you
All this world was a
Great blue whale, arching
Its thunderous flab through
Oceans of nothingness?

Parting brine with a monstrous
Muscled tail,
Churning with insulated oars
a Foam spewing ocean.

All law harnesses chaos,
Throws gum-raw teeth of
Rope about the beast which,
Quickly hurtles down unto
The surreal swaying depths.

Ask scientists know they the brute
Bucking beneath a theory,
Know they the useless thump of
Speculation on thick hide.

The faltering harpoon which
Lingers over centuries but
Finds, upon the ocean floor
Discarded, a home of slow
Rust and barnacle growth.

I say not, to lose trust in knowledge,
But that the universe is a creature
Not fond of tight coiled reason,
Of rough rope hugging red flesh.

This place is a mystery which
Shrugs easily truncate explanation,
We must be satisfied I think, with
What we salvage with each descent

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