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ISBN13:- 978--1482739145

Ritchie, Classic Kafka, Cihlar

Discover the gripping tale of Samuel Jackson's escape from slavery, intertwined with the Underground Railroad and a mysterious Virginia ham. A historical narrative filled with tension, humor, and hope

Kafka's narrative leaves us with questions about the nature of authority, the pursuit of knowledge, and the futility of waiting for external validation or answers.

It's wonderful piece that invites reflection on life, death, and the enduring beauty that can be found even in the most unexpected places.

Ray, Berg, Claffey

In plucked and scrambled, the protagonist's inability to find a 'yawning tree' --a metaphor for a safe, nurturing space -- highlights a sense of entrapment and a longing for escape or transformation.

Bill on the Hill captures the essence of a winter day, where the main character, Carrie, is engrossed in the simple joys of sledding and experiencing the first flutters of childhood romance.

Claffey's writing in this short piece demonstrates a remarkable talent for capturing complex emotions and creating vivid imagery as he intertwines the themes of loss, grief, and the relentless passage of time i

Haynes, McManus and Salzano

Rosie and Max is a beautiful piece that portrays the power of everyday rituals and the strength to carry on after a challenging day.

'The Orange Room' by Conor McManus is a vivid and sensuous piece of writing, capturing the intimate and contemplative moments of the protagonist.

Salzano's 'Turn the Page' is a deeply moving piece that uses the backdrop of a classic rock song to explore themes of nostalgia, longing, and the emotional landscapes of life ...

Paust, Haynes, Needham

"Executive Sweet" not only critiques the corporate world's reliance on clichés but also invites reflection on the value of clear, honest, and substantive communication in achieving true success and innovation.

This poem, "Butterfly" with its rich imagery and reflective tone, provides a poignant reminder of the beauty in momentary connections with the natural world and the complexity of human responses to such encounters.

The narrative is a compelling exploration of the nuances of human relationships, the struggle between desire and duty, and the ways in which people cope with life's challenges.

McManus, Long, Needham

A poem that skillfully combines observation with introspection, that invites readers to contemplate the connections between the external world and the inner self.

In 'The Live Oak' by Stan Long the interplay of nature, rain, and the intimacy of two people is portrayed with vivid imagery.

Experience the haunting beauty of 'Shipwreck' by Eira Needham, a poignant poem that explores the struggle for survival amidst turbulent waters.

O'Sullivan, Joslin, Brooks

'Kindred' by James O'Sullivan is a beautifully written piece that captures the complexity of human experience. I

Old Grogan's storytelling style and the way he weaves his encounters with the Leprechaun and the terrifying Horseman create a sense of wonder and suspense in Joslin's story.

Brooks' narrative captures a child's perspective and the sense of adventure and curiosity beautifully.

O'Callaghan's storytelling is both poignant and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. "Goodbye My Coney Island Baby" is a testament to the power of short fiction in exploring the human condition and the intricate tapestry of emotions that define our existence.

The art wall from Spring 2013 features various artworks, including pieces by notable artists like Abanindranath Tagore and Jessie Wilcox Smith, as well as works by Paul Klee. This collection showcases a range of artistic styles and subjects, reflecting the diverse creative expression of these artists. For a detailed view of the artworks and more information about the artists, you can visit the page directly by clicking through.

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