Summer 2007

Founding Editors
(Inaugral Web)
Ramon Collins
Yvette Managan
Nonnie Augustine
Maia Cavelli
Peter Gilkes 1950-2018
Marie Fitzpatrick

Current Editors
Marie Fitzpatrick
Bill West
Oonah Joslin
Yvette Flis

To Catch a Frog ...

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Our Atticus Supplement,

Halloween 2007/Inaugural Web

Classic Poetry
Halloween by Robbie Burns 1

The Photographic Art of Russell Joslin - Maia Cavelli 7

Micro Fiction
Carnal Knowledge by Stan Long 15
Necromancy by Karen Jones 17
Night Maneuvers by Ramon Collins 20
My Dead Love Came in by Bill West 19

Flash Fiction
Moonlighting by Craig Capron 23
The Awakening by Jim Parks 39
Jess' Palace by Yvette Managan 40
My Lady Adair by A. J. Brown 42

Short Stories
Something Wrong with Lennie by Nonnie Augustine 44

Gothic by Nonnie Augustine 25
Poem Written While Delaying Suicide by Scruvy Bastard, 27
Dance of the Dead by Maureen Wilkenson p29
Alice by Mari Fitzparick 31
The Witch's Grace by Nonnie Augustine 33
Pooka by M Lynam Fitzpatrick 37
Ancestor by Jim Boring, 26

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Shannon Park, Edgeworthstown,
Co. Longford,
Republic of Ireland.
Publisher - Mari Fitzpatrick

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Summer 2007 (Inaugral Websine)

In Time by Nonnie Augustine, x

Photography by Maia Cavelli 33
Fiction by Ramon Collins, 19
The Poetry Connection by Nonnie Augustine, 35

Flash Fiction
Angelic by Yvette Managan, 1
In the Closet by Yvette Managan, 16
A Saturday Night At Yankee Stadium by Scurvy Bastard 31

Micro Fiction
Smell of Rain by Ramon Collins 13
Labels by Becky Soto, 23
Eden by Marie Fitzpatrick 25
Lacuna by Jesse Patrick 27
Summer by Mary Miller 29

Spanish Missions by Nonnie Augustine 37
Our of Rock, NOW, by Russell Bittner, 39
State of Rapture, Marie Fitzpatrick 41
You WentA'Courtin by Marie Fitzpatrick 42
Memory of a Winter's Day by Ann Walters, 45
Here's What I Feel by Yvette Managan 48
Mexican Escape by Yvette Managan 51
Flight 103 To Lockerbie: Happy Anniversary by Russess Bittner 47
Taking the Road from Crownpoint to Chaco by Ann Walters 53

Short Stories
Simple Tillie by Normie Augustine, 5
Leaming to Fly by Ann Collins, 9
Mexican Escape by Yvette Managan page 43

Gina Kelly

Digital 'Zine, 2007

Winter 2008


The Language of Frost by Bill West 3
Classic: The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum 4
Be Sure Your Sins by Nick Allen 22
Sweet Talk by Lauran Strait 24
Jack Pines by Neil Dyer 29
Narratives of New Netherland 1570--1970 by Sean Farragher 31
Sherri by Elsie O'Day 40
Dog Days of Christmas by Marie Shields 42
Christmas Morning by Martin Heavisides 44

A Rasher of Poems for Snarky Children 49
Sleeping with the Monkfish by John C. Mannone 64
Christmas Present by Marie Shields 67
Neal Celebrates Christmas by Cheryl Chambers 71

YULE 2008 Digital Issue