Archive: Summer 2013 Art

Title: Front Cover,
Artist: Mari Fitzpatrick, oil on canvas, 2013

"Simpkin," said the tailor, "where is my TWIST?" The Tailor of Gloucester

Ginger and Pickles were the people who kept the shop. Ginger was a yellow tomÂÁcat, and Pickles was a terrier.

Gina Kelly and Frank J. Hutton

Summer Storms by Maie Cavelli (Photo Editor)

Used: In Frontis,
Detail: Original Illustration was used in The Tailor of Gloucester

From Johnny Townmouse
Classic Beatrix Potter

Used in The Tale of Ginger and Pickles

"Why don't those youngsters come back with the dessert?" From: The Tale Of Johnny TownÂÁmouse

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