Da Friday Nite Party by GC Smith

Da Friday nite party down to Dupree’s went good fo’ da mos’ part. Lotsa col’ ones settin’ on ice. Renee had a buncha cooker full wit dat scrumptious coon stew. Dere was boil shrimp an’ crawfish. Lotsa boudin. Da ladies brung dirty rice an tater salad an cole slaw an’ stu f. Dupree even made sure da hounds got some o’ dat coon stew an fresh, warm hush puppies.

Woulda been a perfec’ nite 'cept for da mistake by me. I brung my book wit me, a paperback copy o’ How The Irish Saved Civilization. Dat’s an’ interestin’ story 'bout dem monks in Ireland’ copyin’ all da great works o’ lit-rat-chur. TT saw dat book in my back pocket an’ started da raggin’ 'bout me knowin’ da readhead librarian was comin’ an’ how I was tryin’ to 'press her. Pretty soon da whole gang chimed in. Dey worked me ova good.

Den da big guy an’ da readhead gal show up. Afta a while da readhead take to dancin’ to da music from Jacques Chenier’s Cajun band. She shakin’ her booty good an’ da town womenfolk now get dey backs up. Dey was usin’ words like tramp an’ hussy. Finally da readhead got piss o f an’ tole da big guy she want to leave. Da big guy, who by now was buddyin’ up wit all o’ da Pigeonairre folk, just laugh an’ tole da readhead to cool her jets. Den he say to Dupree dat he gonna dump dat gal.

Afta a bit I see da readhead down by da bayou sulkin’. I talk to her for a bit an’ afta a while she perk up some. So, bein’ da gentleman dat my momma brung me up to be I give her a ride in my pickup back to her home in Plaquemines. Was late when we got dere an’ she invite me in to her @partment.

Da raggin’ I'm gonna get when I get back to Pigeonairre in da mornin’ gonna be somtin’ awful. But dat won’t botha me none. No siree, ain’ gonna botha me.

Dat Redhead

If you’re wonnerin’ 'bout dat readhead librarian from Plaquemines her name is Coleen Thibodaux. We talk an' talk las' nite an' get to know each odder some.

Coleen tole me her granpere an’ her granmere O’Donnell was from a shotgun shack in da Irish Channel in N’Awlins where dey raise a buncha kids. Da oldest o’ dere o fspring, Coleen’s maman Bridget, hooked up wit’ Hugo Thibodaux a shrimper who sold his catch at da city wharf. Bridget an' Hugo married an’ da beauteous Irish-Cajun Colleen came o’ dat union.

Dat Colleen, she got a smile melt a’ iceberg an’ da prettiest freckles to go wit dat smile. Dat’s da sweetie I took home las’ nite. Her gettin' away from da big guy is a good ting, like 'scapin' from da wolf.

Looks like I jess might be goin’ to Plaquemines a lot dis year.


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