Embark on a thrilling journey through the heart of East Texas in this captivating narrative. Join the narrator as they traverse winding roads, life lessons, and unexpected encounters with a Kickapoo medicine man named Chief. In this unforgettable adventure, unconventional wisdom meets the open road, leaving an indelible mark on the protagonist's soul. Jim Parks weaves humor, introspection, and cultural richness into this tale of self-discovery and the transformative power of travel. Get ready for a road trip like no other, where the landscape of East Texas becomes the backdrop for a life-changing voyage. 'Medicine by Jim Parks' is a story book that will leave you yearning for the open road and the wisdom found along the way.

The Man in the Wet, Gray Fedora

"In 'The Man in the Wet, Gray Fedora,' author Jim Parks takes us on a poignant journey back to the 1950s, where the innocence of a young observer collides with the harsh realities of racial segregation in the American South. Through the eyes of a curious child, we witness the unsettling dynamics of a society divided by discrimination and hatred. Amidst a backdrop of thunderstorms and sweltering heat, a chance encounter on a crowded bus becomes a defining moment of courage and humanity. This evocative tale captures the essence of a turbulent era, reminding us that even in the darkest times, moments of compassion can shine through. 'The Man in the Wet, Gray Fedora' is a moving and thought-provoking narrative that lingers in the heart long after the last page is turned.

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