Bring Me My Sheaves by Kevin Heaton

Sunshowers spit-shined the shark’ s
tooth that gutted Kansas’ only diamondback.

You were just a puff adder feigning rattles--
scavenging rat droppings with field mice
in bales of switchgrass.

I want tallgrass.

I want a thunder god with flashes of ego--
a two-storied sod house near an artesian well--
flag-side-up roses.

Wall clouds that squall more than hook echoes.

I want storms made out ofwater rain that doesn’ t flinch
at dust ballsy wheat flaxen fully-headed two fresh
holstein heifers, & slow-churned farm butter.

I want forty ripe acres ofAmish maize--two mules,
& a bullmastiff named Shep who eats corn snakes.

I want to break a green feather bed with a Dundee man.

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