Autumn 2012

Poets: Augustine, Manahan, Heaton

Lavender, a Liberal by Nonnie Augustine

The Gathering by Yvette Wielhouwer Managan

Gullah by Kevin Heaton

Heaton and Gallagher

Bring Me My Sheaves by Kevin Heaton

Country Doctor by Kevin Heaton

Take Off by Michael Gallagher

Warbler by Michael Gallagher

Reilly, Managan, Hutton, Mannheim

Flying foxes
by Andy Reilly

by Andy Reilly

I am no Poet
by Yvette Wielhouwe Managan

by Hutton and Mannheim

Fiction: Sheehan, Houtman, Lowe

The Old Man in the Garden of Long Shadows
by Tom Sheehan

An Empty Chair by Sally Houtman

The Girl From Ipanema by Linda Lowe

Photography, Poetry Art

Frank J. Hutton and Carole Mannheim

Illustration and Art used for this Issue

Wielhouwer, Lantry, Irving, Joy

I Sleep Alone
by Yvette Wielhouwer

Review of "The Structure of Desire"
by W. F. Lantry

Little Britain
by Washington Irving

Freestyle by
Len Joy

Ferraro, Augustine, Cahill

Latin American Women Poets by Diana Ferraro

Foolish Dancer by Nonnie Augsutine

Behind Closed Doors by Margaret Cahill

Lizzie Siddal by Bill West

Ken Russell - Dante's Inferno by Martin Heavisides

The Picture of his Mother by Deirdre McClay

Kempe and Dodd

Yolks by Lucinda Kempe

Helena's Medicine by Steve Dodd

Editors for the Issue

Managing Editor
M. Lynam Fitzpatrick

Senior Editor
Bill West

Editors for Review
Ramon Collins
Nonnie Augustine
Yvette Managan

Diana Ferraro
Marie Fitzpatrick

Consulting on Copy
Digby Beaumont

Spanish Translations
Diana Ferraro

Contributing Editors
Martin Heavisides

Consulting on Photography
Maia Cavelli

Front Cover
M. Lynam Fitzpatrick

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Peter Gilkes

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