WoWWiW by Martin Heavisides


Walking on water--a miracle for these times? I think not. Twenty centuries ago might have been a different matter, but today? Rot your shoes if any and leave you with toxically infected feet. This is a miraculous demonstration? Some wisenheimer's bound to yell out "Heal yourself, doc!" and how long before the whole crowd's taken it up? Many things can be legitimately raised by miracle--laughter and derision not amongst 'em.


Water into wine? That's more like it, not just a miracle but a solid commercial proposition. Wouldn't want to overdo it--shudder to think what the ecological implications would be of a whole ocean turned to wine. But that's true of any miracle-
-how would you handle the pension payouts if all the dead were suddenly raised? But a steady turnover of water into wine, by a process miraculous, hence free--you could sell cups of it as cheap as coffee and still make a very handsome per-unit profit. Plus if wine were as widely and cheaply available as coffee, there'd be considerable upswing amongst the populace at large of hope for the future.

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