What he Thinks by David Backer

The bus crashes. People crawl. He holds her hand. They get to the side of the highway.

The bus explodes. "Fine," he says. She hears and doesn't hear him.

He was in the Marines. He gunned the tanks. He shot houses and people. People are the enemy.One time the enemy shot an RPG. It hit the left side of the turret. His friend worked there. His friend fell to the hull. He tried to help. He saw bone in his friend's face. He couldn't.

He returned from the war.She wanted to go to Tulsa. He said "fine." She wanted to take the bus. He said "fine." He says "fine" to everything. He thinks everything is fine.

Watching the bus burn he thinks, When I was in the war I thought about her every second and now I don't think.

An older woman crawls to them. She has blood on her face. She says something. He hears and doesn't hear her. The woman reaches her hand out. He takes her hand in his.

It's cut to bone. He squeezes it. She thinks he'll help her. He doesn't stop squeezing. He cracks her bones. The woman cries, Why! She screams at him, Stop!

He thinks, Nothing will stop it.


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