The Vow by Carla Martin - Wood

Ta gra agam duit, mo run

When I die
it shall be with
your name on my lips
the last word
I speak into
earth's air
and that name
I shall bear upon
my tongue
and it shall go
with me into
what comes after
And when I board
that dark barge
and my soul speaks
its first word to
the grim boatman
that name shall fall
from my lips
and it shall be
the coin that pays
my passage
And if my soul is
to be weighed
in judgement
that name alone
shall serve to balance
and it shall stand
as my justification
And if my soul is reborn
that name
shall go with me
into a new body and
it shall be the
first word spoke
those around me
as I remember
what cannot be remembered
and call a name
strange and familiar
into the air
of a new morning.

 2008 - Martin-Wood

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