Executive sweet by Mathew Paust


At the end of the day

If we can learn to think outside the box

By all means

We should make it a team effort,

We expect you to get with the program,

Push the envelope

And give 111 percent,

But I'm available to talk about it,

I am a people person

And my door is always open.

Once we have agreed to a paradigm shift

We expect you to hit the ground running

Touching base with a win win market-driven benchmark

Our user friendly approach

Has raised the bar of scalability

In an impactful synergistic strategy

Going from good to great

Now more than ever

It is time to step up to the plate

And be proactive.

That being said,

We will not throw you under the bus

In terms of game-changing dynamics,

However, it may be incumbent

Upon the functionality parameters

To find a turnkey solution

Before leading the charge

With levelset


At any given time

Notwithstanding a rampup

of takeaways

To kick the can down the road.

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