Pillows of Sound by alisa velaj

What more do you seek from sunsets, man?
A bunch of copper leaves
Fell on the strings of the guitar leaning against the tree trunk
And slept the most anxious sleep
Using sounds as pillows
The solitude of seas persecutes the leaves in dreams
Like the shadows of seasons do to man
What more do you seek from sunsets
You being that keep travelling on the shores of oblivion?
The guitar will always succeed
In weaving serenades
An inexistent bridge can connect no river banks
Be a sunrise if you want to understand the sunsets, man
Someone called the Caspian Lake a ‘Sea’
And to this day they write it so on every world map …


--Translations from Albanian to English by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj
(This poem is included in Velaj's poetry book "A Gospel of Light" published by Aquillrellle.)

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