The storm begins like this by John C. Mannone

throughout history on this day blood is raining: in 1857 when the Mormons and the Paiutes

murder 120 immigrants at Mountain Meadows || in 1940 Hitler invades Romania || in

1965 the 1 st Calvary arrives in Qui Nhon, South Vietnam || on this day, September 11,

2001, soot and buildings fall after Islamic terrorists explode hijacked airplanes inside the

heart of America. The smoke of memory clouds a good rain.

Perhaps this will never be an uneventful day || perhaps this is your birthday || perhaps

there will be a shout, and a blast from a ram’s horn trumpet, were you to storm back on this

day, on Rosh Hashanah, rushing in like a mighty wind, a thunderous light.


The Linnet's Wings, Portnashanagan, Corkaree, Mullingar, Co., Westmeath, ROI