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Summer Poem

Created by Marie Fitzpatrick on 26-Jun-2022

In the Dreaming

This life that we form is at one with our dreaming.
Relax and enjoy and watch it explode.
There's colour in happy that's better than scheming.
There's fun to be had in not carrying a load.

The plots and paintings have long been configured.
Some show and some tell of a negative force,
And life needs less haunting from those olde triggers.
It's better, we're better connected to source.

This source is the soul that is found in the dreaming,
In the soul of the day and the life that we own.
And the sky is the skin that connects all and it's teeming
With colour and sound of all that's been known.

So go take the life that is had in the dreaming.
it's got all that we need, and it's there to explore.
It's there and we're there, yes! it's here too, and it's streaming,
Soo connect and plug in, and go and adore.

Mari, 2015-2022

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