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A Pot of Gold was Found at the Start of the Snow Melt

Created by Marie Fitzpatrick on 29-Jan-2015

The media went wild: Across the land the bio of the founder of the Bank of New York was analysed and read possibly for the first time by regular peeps, and was watched closely by academia and others who knew of his fine accomplishments in battle and in public life. Scholars and writers were interviewed and asked for their opinion.

But everyone had an opinion: In coffee shops, on park benches, in schools, colleges, and in homeless centres, his ghost was brought to life once more as his character was debated to be both complimented and reviled. And always people asked the same question: Why him?

And so the conversation continued that day: Around the land and around the world it was similar as people enquired as to why a pot of gold might spill out of a police station only to stop at the grave of Alexander Hamilton.

And while resentment stirred among the few, there were others who had a happier view and considered it an omen of better things to come.


Back at the police station when the pot stopped it vanished leaving the coins as they were.

And the clean up had started: Police holiday leave was cancelled and officers were called in from outlying stations -- they were handed gloves, weighing scales and metal containers and were told to start clearing and counting as armoured trucks with guards arrived to cordon off the stream of coins that made its way up the street and into the graveyard -- while the government got to grips with the phenomena that had occurred.

A selection of coins were also sent over to the Curatorial department at the MET to be tested. And from around the world reporters for the international press poured into Kennedy.


Comment by Marie Fitzpatrick on 29-Jan-2015

However as the pot continued its loud humming it continued to spill. The coins filled the floor space, and as the level rose up the boys were pushed out the door of the day room and within minutes the door smashed and the coins piled into the reception area and within half an hour they were rolling down the steps and out onto the street: Out onto Wall Street.

Reporters and News Cameras arrived within minutes of the Mayors' car , and suddenly Wall Street was trending again: The country tuned in:. Across the States people were agog , and the thought of the new coins spinning from wherever kept them pinned to their screens. For as they melted through the slush, they formed an narrow channel and on the side-walk a golden stream tumbled and glowed as it flowed slowly along bypassing the railings of Trinity Church, and the cameras followed and the helicopters spun overhead.

Then at the gate of the church the stream veered and made its way across to the grave of Alexander Hamilton where it stopped.

Comment by Marie Fitzpatrick on 29-Jan-2015

A pot of gold was found in New York today after a pedestrian skiing to work poked his stick into what he thought was a manhole, however when he pulled it out it had hooked around an old brass handle.

On investigation he discovered that it was attached to a coal black pot with no perceivable opening.

A conscientious citizen: He took the device into the nearest police station. They called in their bomb disposal team who scanned the pot and discovered that it contained floating colour spheres.

Following procedure, the station and the nearby streets were cleared and secured while the team set up to blow the device.

However when they connected the tracker to the pot they released an eclectic charge and a lid popped open. The members of the team immediately dived for cover, they stayed down for the procedural number of minutes, then the team leader got up from behind the overturned desk and walked slowly towards the device.

As he moved a rainbow suffused the room and the pots' engine turned over, and started to manufacture gold coloured coins, they spilled out over the rim creating piles of cheerful light as the process settled in.

The team leader radioed his boss who called the mayor's office, they were told that a car would be sent down and they should bring it in.

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