One Minute Memoir Of a Semi Embittered Lifetime AA Batter by Dennis Mahagin

A walk man I couldn't keep going

and going.


In the dugout I listened to a hell

of a lot of Muddy Waters.

There was this one old blue oil drum

where bushers spit their bubble gum and tobacco

chew, gave off a cologne

like pot roast prepared

mostly to fool you.


My longest hit stint

lasted two

games, a lifetime

average almost

the same as my IQ.


Cary Fu was a middle reliever

in Sedro Woolley, a submariner

with a pretty wicked

sinker, too

and this crazy wind up

like Big Bird in the shoes

of an amputee, like


Stagger Lee,

or Jeff Goldblum on The Fly.


His specialty

was making me

pop out

to short -- towering

pills or spangled stars,

copper tops

in the night lights

took forever

to shit back

from the sky

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