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Illustrations by D Capobianco -- Story by Heavisides, Sexton, Nero and Zelnick

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Beatrices Behemoth is Bothersome and Backbreaking

Falling Man

Filburt Gets his Formula Half Right

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Ruin Me Red

La Belle

8.23 to Marylebone

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Pottery by Susan Tepper

A small shop in Monte Carlo has a beautiful piece of pottery displayed in the window. I see it during one of our afternoon jaunts. There’s a soup tureen with a turtle on top to lift the lid. Little turtle-shaped individual soup bowls.

“I’ve never seen anything like it," I tell him.

I can picture it on my kitchen counter. And when it’s cold in the winter I can make mock- turtle soup. Serve it up in the little bowls. I tell him all this. “Let’s go in and look at the tureen," I say.


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Winging It


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Thomas Hardy, Poet

Dreaming of Elsbeth

Ashwini Alli

Morphane Tree

Flashlight’s Jewels

Flashlight Jewels by Robert Scotellaro

The poet sat in front of the desk at the employment agency. He watched the man behind it shuffle through papers. Noticed on his tie there was a legion of golfers poised to swing.
"On your information form you list 'Poet'," the man said.
"Yes. I was thinking I might find something related, part time. Say, sweeping zeros into freshly dug graves."
The man paged through a thick binder.
"You any good at filing?"
"I could do impressions; stand up", the poet said. He held his hands chest high, to where they looked like they grew out of his armpits.
"What's this?" he said.
The man looked up, shrugged.
"A T-Rex pantomiming a warm embrace," the poet said.


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Falling Pearls

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There are two constants in the poetry of John Mannone: love and science… And they are intertwined--his poems flow effortlessly between poles of desire and precious, precise knowledge. In the world of poetry there is no one who can mine science for metaphor the way Mannone does. Nor move to love so naturally.
--Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer, professor emeritus at Cornell University and co-recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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Under the Morphane Tree by John S Fields

Amina approaches a Mopane tree outside the village next to an old house. Father says he sold the house to a kind man, an important man, a man to please.

Amina picks up a colorful leaf believing it will serve an injured butterfly as a prosthetic wing, much as the clumsy device attached at the elbow serves Amina as a forearm.

Amina rests under the Mopane and hopes it will make a dream come true and imagines Mother and Father and sister and brother, the whole family, will go to a country with fruits and vegetables and water, away from machetes and rape and thirst and starvation. Father says the sale of the house will make wings to fly.


Art: The Morphane Tree by Judith A. Lawrence, Watercolor on Card, 2022


Redaction Series

Aboriginal Dreamtime

In this land of dream figures drift on sunbeams, /And life is more often than not askew, so when /Babies arrive they're impressed from a ream, /And to boot they arrive with a wish on a whim /For they carry back tales trapped in their skin, /That is how it started in Apiscatory, /It was naught to do with present day kin /When a human sat down to design golden stories! ...
Taken from Sonrisa by Mari

Climate Change Kid

Falling Man by D Capobianco

Daily Art Shot

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