Fables: Abartis, Long, Cavelli, Hagborg

Beauty and the Beast

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The Hours
"Sarah arrived at the beach rental in the middle of the night. When she stepped out of the front door the moon bathed a wide swatch of sand weaving in and out of the shoreline of brackish moss green waves topped off with yellow tipped foam peaks."

The River Thief
"'The two of us,' she'd say, "partners to the end," the crochet needle at a small and quick twist in her hand, or a sewing needle making code against her finger"

"His voice seeped up brittle from under the rubble of covers; maybe she should have waited longer. Damn earring wouldn’t go in the hole. She sat down and squinted into the dresser mirror, not wanting to risk opening the curtains yet."

Mr. Wyandotte
"One Friday morning as I sat at my office computer trying to enter progress notes and demographic data (but really mostly just listening to Franz Liszt on YouTube) I got a call from a policeman in Upper Bucks County."

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Fables: Abartis, Long, Cavelli, Hagborg

Beauty and the Beast

The Sunday Special

Summer storms . . .

The Cellist’s First Date

Sheehan, Brown/Collins, Mahony. Cihlar

A Toast to Skink by Tom Sheehan

In Conversation: Ramon Collins and Randall Brown

In Break Formations by Donal Mahoney

So We Decided to Keep by Lisa Cihlar

Summer Archive 2010: Grochalski, Meek,Scotellaro

dirty fingernails

she has dirty fingernails

she stops us and asks
for a quarter

Butterfly Service

There were butterflies
dancing against the light,
the stained glass of Jesus
changing them into shadows.


A grandmother now, she lives a life rife with careful pauses. A long-tailed calligraphy of fits and starts.

Spring Fashion: Dyer, Cogswell, Taylor, Clarke


Our Grandson Seeks the Snow and His Mother in Milwaukee

Equus & Anima

Lough Reflections

Spring Posters:: Heimler, Claffey, Tavaras

Snowman by Heidi Heimler

Rare Glimpse by James Claffey

Magic Mirror by Nathan E.Tavaras

Sol y Nieve: Zakeer, Bittner, Ferraro



Buenos Aires: A Literary City

Potters: Good, Tepper, Berg, Tudor

Personal History


Nesting Dolls

Amy in the Dark



' Every crack of dawn floods with midlife nostalgia ...'

Turn the Page by April Salzano

Rosie and Max by William Ogden Haynes

Executive sweet by Mathew Paust

Teeple, Tuninetti and Lorca Illustrations (Classic)

Freckles by Kim Teeple

The Old Field House by Alejandra Tuninetti

Things from Life in the Death of a Man by Alejandra Tuninetti

illustrations: Federico Garcia Lorca, 5 June 1898 - 19 August 1936

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Thursday's Portmanteau

"Doris Attinger follows her husband with a gun in Manhattan one day, suspecting he is having an affair with another woman. In her rage, she fires wildly and blindly around the room and at the couple multiple times. One of the bullets hits her husband in the shoulder. His lover escapes unscathed."

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The Day is Done
Who Goes with Fergus?
Strange Meeting
The Darkling Thrush
A Pint of Plain is your only Man
Go and Catch a Falling Star

Shane MacGowan (RIP)

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Zelnick: Dwindling: the Shrinking Citizen

John Milton never attended a Trump rally, but Paradise Lost depicts satanic demagogy and citizens dwindled to mere onlookers, overwhelmed by giant voices. In the great hall of Pandemonium, the rebels against God gather to decide next steps. Giant angels, now tarnished by betrayal, swarm into the vast auditorium. They are too large to fit; Satan downsizes them

In Conversation: Ramon Collins and Randall Brown

Collins's stories have appeared in print and online. He lives on the NE edge of the Mojave Desert with his Irish wife, Nicky, and Lefty, their dog. Collins used to have a pet desert tortoise named Fluffy.

100000 Welcomes

Point of Comfort by Judith A. Lawrence

Excerpt from Chapter 12, "No Longer a Ward of the State," from "Point of Comfort," by Judith A. Lawrence," a Memoir in two parts, published January, 2023..

"The last weekend of June, Johnny and I drove to Maryland. We applied for our marriage license and were told we would be able to pick it up in two weeks.
We hoped to be married in the same Methodist church as Ben and Elaine.
On a Friday night Johnny pulled up in front of the house in his clunker of a car. I stole down the stairs with my beat up suitcase full of my personal things with a few clothes stuffed in. It would be all I had if Violet would not allow me to retrieve other things when I returned."

Point of Comfort for Sale on Amazon

Review: Flux Lines by John C Mannone

There are two constants in the poetry of John Mannone: love and science… And they are intertwined--his poems flow effortlessly between poles of desire and precious, precise knowledge.

In the world of poetry there is no one who can mine science for metaphor the way Mannone does. Nor move to love so naturally.
--Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer, professor emeritus at Cornell University and co-recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

A Los Angeles Friend by Pierrino Mascarino

Sam and Frank, old friends, meet on the street. Frank reminisces about his late wife while Sam tries to leave. Frank confronts Sam about his neglect and weight gain. Sam dismisses it. Frank insists on delivering his message.

Shadow People by Emily Glossner Johnson

Shadow People is a short story about three cousins who live in a mansion called Violet Ridge near Seneca Lake. The cousins are David, Trey and Katie, who have different ages, personalities and challenges. David is a schizophrenic who smokes and eats peaches to cope with his condition. Trey is a loyal and protective brother who starts seeing shadowy figures in the woods. Katie is a religious and eccentric girl who loves her dollhouse and teacups. The story explores their relationships, their secrets and their struggles with mental illness, loneliness and family history.

Gil by Pepe Nero

Gilbert Sorrentino was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1929. In 1956, Sorrentino founded the literary magazine Neon with friends from Brooklyn College, including friend Hubert Selby Jr. He edited Neon from 1956 to 1960, and then served as editor for Kulchur from 1961 to 1963.

After working closely with Selby on the manuscript of Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964). Sorrentino was an editor at Grove Press from 1965 to 1970, where one of his editorial projects was The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Crossing the Pond by Charlie Britten

Wendy travels to America to meet her husband Bertram. She is his second wife, his first died in a car crash and she is nervous; insecure about their relationship and her decision to join him as he completes one last work assignment before he retires. Along the way, she encounters various obstacles and challenges that test her courage and faith. The story explores themes of love, and loneliness.

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