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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Zero by Rp Verlaine

Zero outside / sick in
record snowfall / radio static spins
schools are closed /no doubt I'm
the victim of a freeze-out / due to her
it's even colder / wind chill prospects
have left zero chance
to none or less
with love / with her
bereft of even a tear
gone like the fall
like she disappeared.

Zero outside / temperature
gutted like me / in all of her
mirage like lies
recalled with a glacial; smile.
Knowing that if she asked

I'd dance unmasked
on all her trapdoors with a noose
until one gives way or retracts
or does anything that
brings her to me
And as frost covered windows
threaten to crack / so do I

Zero outside / sick in
another drink / trying to decide
if it's worth it all all
this cold turkey crawl
through love's withdrawal
as chills, fever, sweat
come in flashback succession
amid rage and silent depression
is the white noise of snow in
this winter cold where
she wont leave me
whatever her intentions.

No, she hasn’t destroyed me
let’s just say-
like blood in snow
she’s left a
lasting impression.

The Linnets Wings