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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Pas de Deux by Cordelia M. Hanemann

Thinking mutes performance;
trust muscles’ intuitions: right leg glissés
into fourth for the gentle plié--launch
the pirouette, push of foot on floor;
criss-crossed arms quicken the turn.
Invisible axis from earth's center
through the point of contact, upward:
perfect body in perfect motion. One
small shift and gravitational torque
will topple her; supple body adjusts,
uncanny intimacy: kinetics: force
and counterforce, until the spent spin
sinks smoothly back to earth--passage
from heady whirl to the friction of the floor.
Fragile symmetry embraces earth’s implacable
certitudes-earth itself, on its parallel dance,
axis, has moved a mere one ten-trillionth
of an atom’s width

The Linnets Wings