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Keep your face to the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

Magnify by Lesley Timms

You irritating little fly,
A mere speck to my naked eye,
Flitting in and out of sight,
I’d squash you if you’d just alight!
Your curiosity astounds,
No orifice is out of bounds!
Almost minced between my dentures;
Sucked right in on nasal ventures,
Up one nostril to my brain
Then sneezed out to annoy again!
Manic flapping of my palm
Is futile. You’re immune to harm!
You’re really screwing up my head.
Such a pest! I want you dead!

Intent on murder, yet I find
A novel thought disturbs my mind:
Though you’re expendable and wee,
You’re skilfully outsmarting me!
Tiny. Insignificant.
Yet somehow so intelligent!
And what if I could magnify,
To see each other, eye to eye?
What if I on close inspection
Had to witness your perfection?
To gaze upon divinity,
Sentience staring back at me.
Your humbling magnificence
Might stifle my belligerence.

So, would I carry out my wish?
Could I nonchalantly squish?

The Linnets Wings