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Heart Moon Rising, Summer 2019

Created by Marie Fitzpatrick on 30-Jul-2019

Thank you all for your support this quarter.

We got a couple of lovely magazines published up and sent across to the Amazon book store.

Two publications! I wanted to show movement from the past into the future: The first title is named after a famous bridge in Dublin: "Broom Bridge," is famous for being the location where Sir William Rowan Hamilton first wrote down the fundamental formula for quaternions on 16 October 1843, and Armstrong is said to have referred to his work to help position the 'Eagle' when landing the craft. Just Imagine, a cold foggy night in Dublin, William out walking, the moon lighting his footsteps, and wham! he had a moment of inspiration and scrapped his formula onto the slats on the bridge in case he'd forget by the time he got home ...

However we are such a way down the line and with new work and new ways of creating presenting to each of us on a day to day basis that I also wanted to celebrate the heart that drives and connects all of us.

They only difference is titles, headings and packaging, most everything else is similar, just like our summer presentations.

My best,


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